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Parts Lists

Binding Equipment:

GBC 110 EB2 3 PART GBC Ekombo GBC TL 17
GBC 111pm GBC Ep28 GBC TL-200
GBC 111pm-1 GBC Epk 21 GBC TL-2900
GBC 111pm-2 GBC Evb GBC TL-300
GBC 111pm-3 GBC Fusion Punch Offset Stacker GBC TL-400
GBC 111pm-C4 GBC 4000 GBC Twinserter
GBC 120t GBC 5000 GBC Usp13
GBC 16DB-1-2 GBC Hitech GBC Wb100
GBC 2000 Xt GBC Ibimaster 400e GBC Wb200
GBC 250t GBC Ibimaster 500 GBC Wb300
GBC 323 GBC Ibimatic GBC WirePro 1000
GBC 410km & 450 km-3 GBC Kombo Parts List Rhin-O-Tuff APES-14 & APES-14-77
GBC 450km & 450km-2 GBC MagnaPunch Rhin-O-Tuff HD-7000
GBC 460km GBC Mp2000 Rhin-O-Tuff HD-7700 Ultima
GBC 470km & 470km_km-1 GBC Mp2500ix Rhin-O-Tuff HD-8370
GBC 500 Velobind GBC P200 Rhin-O-Tuff OD-4000
GBC 510VB GBC P300 Rhin-O-Tuff OD-4800
GBC 520VB GBC P400 Rhin-O-Tuff PC-2000
GBC 530VB GBC Pb2600 Rhin-O-Tuff Pal-14
GBC 540VB GBC Power Punch Rhin-O-Tuff RAF-11
GBC 750a GBC Ps517_525 Tamerica 123PB
GBC 750b GBC Sb2000 Tamerica 190PB
GBC AP2 GBC STL 1000 Parts List Tamerica 210PB
GBC cc2700 GBC Velobind System 1 Tamerica 213PB
GBC CI-12 GBC Velobind System 2 Tamerica 240EPB
GBC Combpro-1000 GBC Velobind System 3 Tamerica 240HB
GBC Digicoil GBC Velobind System 4 Tamerica TCC210EPB
GBC Eb19 GBC Velobind System Four Punch Tamerica TCC242

Roll Laminators:

GBC 2080WFt GBC Digital Cutter GBC O1sp
GBC 3064 GBC Digital Feeder GBC Orca 64
GBC 4064 GBC Discovery Cutter GBC Orca 80
GBC4250 GBC DS 50 & 80 GBC Orca I
GBC 425lm-1 GBC Ds 60 Ce GBC Orca II
GBC 522, 523, 568, & 569lm GBC Ds60 GBC Orca III
GBC 522, 523, 568, & 569lm1 GBC Eagle 35, 65 & 105 GBC Orca IV
GBC 522, 523, 568, & 569lm2 GBC F160 GBC Sign Maker 25
GBC 5270lm GBC F36 GBC Sign Maker 44
GBC 6036 GBC F60 GBC Titan 110-165
GBC 6250 -1 & 6360 -1 GBC F60 C GBC Titan 110-165 REVISION - A
GBC Arctic Titan 165 GBC F60 Ce GBC Ultima 65
GBC Arctic Titan REVISION - A GBC F60+ GBC Ultima 65-1
GBC Catena35 GBC F60+(-1) Tamerica TCC2700
GBC Catena65 GBC H-800 Pro
GBC Catena105 Ibico 2700

Pouch Laminators:

GBC 1701260 & Ds1200 GBC HeatSeal H500 GBC Docuseal 95P
GBC 1707250 & Ds 95, 125 GBC 13 Pro GBC Heatseal H300
GBC 2070 & 2130lm GBC HeatSeal H525 GBC Docuseal 125P
GBC Docuseal 1200 GBC HeatSeal H600 GBC Pl 140 & 260 & 330ic
GBC Docuseal 40 GBC 3500 GBC Pq 9 & 12
GBC Docuseal 95 GBC HeatSeal H700 Tamerica TCC 160 230 330
GBC Docuseal 125 GBC 4500 Tamerica TCC 6000
GBC Docuseal 400 GBC Heatseal H100
GBC Docuseal 1200 W CERAMIC HEATERS GBC Docuseal 40P
GBC HeatSeal H400 GBC Heatseal H200


GBC 1130s GBC 3260X-1 PARTS LIST GBC 6060X
GBC 1150X GBC 4220s GBC 75x
GBC 1246s GBC 4220S-1 PARTS LIST GBC 75x-1
GBC 1246s-1 & 1246s-2 GBC 4260X-1 PARTS LIST GBC 75X-2
GBC 1256s-1 & 1656s-1 GBC 5020s & 5230s GBC 80s-1
GBC 1256s-2 & 1656s-2 GBC 5160x & 6160x (115 Volt) GBC 80S-2
GBC 1256s1 & 1656s GBC 5220s, 5230s & 5260x GBC 85x-1
GBC 2020cc GBC 5220S-1 PARTS LIST GBC 85x-2
GBC 2230s GBC 5260X-1 PARTS LIST GBC 950 & 955
GBC 2230s-1 GBC 5270M-1 GBC Shredder Gears Reference
GBC 3220S GBC 6120s, 7120s & 7160x

Bates Products:

GBC Bates 013hd GBC Bates 230 GBC Bates 300hd
GBC Bates 213hd GBC Bates 271-1,2 GBC Batest 313hd
GBC Bates 130 GBC Bates 272-1,2

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