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Product listing: Count Speed Feeder PM 18" Perforating and Scoring Machine - Scoring Equipment (CSFEEDER)   to   Formax FD 4170 Cut Sheet Burster - Electric Paper Cutters (FD-4170)

  1. Count Speed Feeder PM 18" Perforating and Scoring Machine - Scoring Equipment

    Part number: CSFEEDER

    • Speed: Perf & Score letter size sheets; up to 30,000 per hour Output Speed: Variable up to 40,000sph Sheet Size: 3inchx4inch to 18inchx20inch Power: Standard 110v 50/60Hz Made in U.S.A. Warranty: Count warranties all new machines against defective parts and workmanship. One year warranty on electrical and mechanical parts

    Your Price: $10,950.00

  2. Therm-O-Type Automatic Foil-Tech Foil Fuser - Foiling Machines

    Part number: TOT-AFT

    • Maximum Sheet Size: 14.5" W x 2' L
    • Maximum Foil Roll Size: 24" W x 2000' L
    • Adjustable Speed: Yes
    • Adjustable Temperature: Yes

    Your Price: $10,800.00

  3. Formax Low Volume Industrial Burster - Collators

    Part number: FD 550

    • Paper weight: 100lb total, up to 4 parts (none exceeding 60lb tag stock) Speed: Variable, 0-200feet per minute Form Size: 2.375” -16”W x 2.75” -12”L (slitting) 2.375” -14.5”W x 2.75” – 12”L (non-Slitting) Dimensions: 59” L x 32” W x 56.5” H with cabinet Weight: 193 lbs Voltage: 115Volts AC 50/60 Hz

    Your Price: $10,450.00

  4. Standard APC 45 Electric 17.7 Inch Programmable Paper Cutter

    Part number: APC-45

    • Simplicity: Push-button operation makes the APC-45 cutter far simpler and easier to operate than paper cutters that use manual clamping and lever action. The dual push-button controls require simultaneous two-hand operation to automatically clamp and cut the paper. An automatic paper clamp firmly applies equal pressure across the entire width of the cutting surface, securing the stock for accurate cutting.
    • Digital Control Panel: An intuitive digital control panel and LCD readout allows the operator to input a precise cut dimension, accurate to 0.005" quickly and accurately.
    • Advanced Programming Features: The APC-45 Cutter allows for storing and recalling up to 30 programs of 99 steps each. Three memory recall buttons can each be programmed to instantly recall key cut programs. Other features included in this advanced and intuitive electronic programming are automatic push-out, repeat cut, calculate and set functions.
    • Safety Features: Simultaneous two-hand operation is required for cutting. Releasing either of the cut button controls immediately retracts the clamp and blade and returns them to their starting position. Each APC-45 also comes equipped with a safety beam detector across the throat opening to immediately stop the cutting action if the safety beam is broken. For added security, there is a removable on/off security key to lock the cutter and prevent unauthorized use.

    Your Price: $10,395.00

  5. HSM FA400.2 Strip Cut Conveyor Belt Shredder - Security Level

    Part number: 1513

    • Easily shreds Paper, Paper Clips, Staples, and Credit Cards
    • Shreds CD/DVDs and floppy disks
    • Touch keypad for continuous and reverse operation.
    • Practical loading table for easy loading

    Your Price: $10,335.81

  6. Royal Sovereign 45 Inch Wide Format Roll Laminator

    Part number: RSH-1151

    • Fast - Laminates pressure sensitive and thermal film up to 41" wide at a rate of 9.8' per minute.
    • Quality - Digital controls for temperature and speed help deliver a perfect finish.
    • Versatility - Designed for mounting, laminating & encapsulating individual of multiple copies of posters prints, POP signs, training aids, rigid or flexible signage floor graphics, trade show displays and much more.
    • Easy To Use - Simple one button operation plus remote control and foot pedal allow hands-free operation. Auto-Grip Hubs for easy replacement of film rolls

    Your Price: $10,300.00

  7. Miruna Model 3 Stitching Machine

    Part number: MIR-3

    • Stapling Thickness: Up to 25mm - 1.0"
    • Width of Staple: 14mm - 9/16"
    • Production Capacity: 220 staples per minute
    • Round and Flat wire: 20/22/24/26/IV/V

    Your Price: $10,086.00

  8. D&K Group &K Expression 62 Plus Wide Format Laminator - D and K

    Part number: EXP62+

    • Dimensions: 50inchx80inch x28inch Weight: Net 500 lbs Shipping 620 lbs Electrical: 230V single phase 30A Working Width: 61inch Maximum Temperature; 300 F Speed: 1 -10 fpm Maximum Aperture: 1/2inch Roller Diameter: 4-1/6inch Part Number: EXP44

    List Price: $11,000.00

    Your Price: $9,995.00

    You Save: 9%

  9. Duplo Desktop Perfect Binder

    Part number: DB-280

    • Makes a wide range of book sizes from 1.97" x 3.15" to 12.6" x 15.75"
    • Single-operator design for greater productivity
    • Fast and easy setup and changeover
    • Unique notching method provides maximum glue penetration

    Your Price: $9,900.00

  10. Formax Air Feed Document Folder - Paper Folders

    Part number: FD390

    • Bottom Air Feed: Allows for continuous loading of forms
    • Multiple Air Adjustments: Allows for feeding consistency on varying applications
    • 5-digit Counter: Keeps an accurate count of folded documents
    • Adjustable Side Guides: Compensates for unsquare paper stock. Guides can be easily adjusted for the skew and returned to square

    Your Price: $9,895.00

  11. Duplo Card Cutter - Electric Paper Cutters

    Part number: CC-330

    • Ideal for mid-volume digital print shops or in-plants
    • User-friendly, compact and affordable in price
    • Ideal for full-bleed business card applications with standard slitter cassette
    • Also great for postcard, greeting card, and photo applications with optional slitter cassettes

    Your Price: $9,800.00

  12. HSM 450.2cc Level P-4 Cross Cut Professional Paper Shredder - Security Level

    Part number: 1503

    • With its practical filling hopper, the HSM 450.2 is the answer if crumpled paper is frequently the material to be shredded. Keypad for constant operation and reverse. Auto stop when container is full or door is open. Large filling hopper and integrated, rotating loading aid (security level 3 only). Hardened steel cutters can handle occasional standard paper clips or staples. Practical storage space with optional paper trays for paper stacks. (Paper trays available for purchase). Convenient pull-out system for removing the integrated, sturdy, reusable shred-bin bag. Sturdy chain drive for maximized throughput. The tried-and-tested closed-tooth wheel drive prevents penetration of dirt and slows wear, increasing the service life. Enclosed housing protects against the spread of paper dust and provides for "whisper quiet" shredding. Photoelectronic cell for automatic start/stop control. Modern electronic controller. Standby mode with LED indicator. Convenient automatic reverse in the event of a paper jam..

    Your Price: $9,643.57

  13. Intimus 802CC Cross Cut High Capacity Shredder - Security Level

    Part number: 648104

    • Automatic, via light barrier Manual, via multi-function button Auto Reverse when overloaded and reversed LEDs for "paper jam", "bin full", and "door open" Dustproof enclosure - mounted on rollers for flexible use Large shelf - hinged to save space Telescopic sliding frame with changeable plactic bags Easily handles documents with staples, paperclips, CD's, DVD's and Floppy disks Price does not reflect applicable freight or installation charges

    Your Price: $9,376.99

  14. MBM Triumph 4850 18.625" Electric Paper Cutter with Digital Display

    Part number: MBM-4850

    • Cutting Width: 18 7/8inch Cutting Height : 3inch Narrow Cut : 1 1/4 " Cutting Length Behind Blade: 17 11/16inch Table Length in Front of Blade: 13 5/8inch Motor: 2 hp Power Supply: 115 V, 60 Hz Dimensions: 38 1/4inchx29 3/4inchx48 1/2inch Shipping Weight: 556 lbs. Warranty: 1Year Manufacturer Warranty

    Your Price: $8,999.00

  15. Powis Parker PhotoPress System - Fastback

    Part number: PPPhotopress

    • Dimensions: 19.6" D x 22" W x 23" H (49.8cm D x 56cm W x 58.4cm H)
    • Weight: 190 lbs (86 kg)
    • Photograph/Page Sizes: Max. 12" H x 13" W (300mm x 330mm), Min. 4" H x 6" W (100mm x 152mm)
    • Book Thickness: 0.5" Max. (approx. 37 photos)

    Your Price: $8,995.00

  16. Count Auto Pro Touch 18" Numbering Machine

    Part number: CAUTOPRO1

    • Feed Type: Friction Feed Duplicate Numbering: Yes Triplicate Numbering: Yes Consecutive Numbering: Yes 4 Time Numbering: Yes 6 Time Numbering Yes 12 Time Numbering: No Scoring and Perforating Capabilities: Yes Power: 110V Weight: 200 lbs. Warranty: Count warrants each new machine against defective parts and workmanship. One year warranty on electrical and mechanical parts / 90 day warranty on numbering head / 5year warranty on microprocessor.

    Your Price: $8,950.00

  17. Count EZ Touch R1 Digital Creaser Machine - Scoring Equipment

    Part number: CEZCREASER

    • Max Speed Compression Crease: 8.5inchx11inch 4,000sph Max Speed Rotary Perf /Score: 8.5inchx11inch 12,000sph Power: 115/60Hz/10A or 230/50Hz/10A (Specify on order) Minimum Sheet Size: 3inchx5inch Stock Paper Weights: 16lb - 12 point Weight: 200lbs. Made in U.S.A. Warranty: Count warranties all new machines against defective parts and workmanship. One year warranty on electrical and touch screen, 2year warranty on mechanical parts and 90 day warranty on numbering heads.

    Your Price: $8,950.00

  18. Standard Horizon Suction Feed Paper Folder

    Part number: EF-35

    • Innovative Feed System: A dual-pump system and adaptable feed controls provide superior paper feed control and performance. The vacuum and air pressure separation systems operate independently with dedicated pumps. The operator can select feed refinements on selected stocks by setting the feed-gap and suction interval controls to increase productivity. A key result of this superior feed system is the ability to confidently feed a broad range of stocks, including statically charged sheets. The EF-35 expands the range of precision paper feed control and delivers high reliability on heavy-duty applications.
    • Precision Folding: Using a combination of rubber and steel folding rollers with a selfcompensating gap mechanism, the EF-35 creates a positive grip control on each sheet producing exceptional fold consistency and quality. Each of the two fold plates provides both coarse and micro adjustment capabilities for the panel length and a skew control to enable accurate folding of wavy and distorted sheets.
    • Sound Reduction and Control: Standard with the EF-35 is a heavy-duty castor-mounted stand and sound enclosures for the fold plates. The two pumps are housed within the stand for increased sound reduction and easy repositioning of the EF-35.
    • State of the Art Features: A built in digital batch counter, jam detection and adjustable speed controls for the paper feed and exit conveyor, add to the versatility of the EF-35. The adjustable speed output conveyor improves operator efficiency by preventing the nesting of folded sheets. The variable speed feed control adds further feed reliability and increases productivity on a wide variety of stocks.

    Your Price: $8,797.50

  19. Pro Pack One-Step Shrink Wrap System - Shrink Wrap Machines

    Part number: Nexgen-2030

    • Item: Nexgen-2030 Power Supply: 220v/3ph Sealing Area: 23inchx33inch Max. Product Height: 8inch Sealing Type: Micro-knife Magnetic Hold Down: Yes Pack Speed: 4-6 p/m Max. Centerfold Film: 31inch Machine Footprint: 38inchx75inch Weight: 480 lbs.

    List Price: $9,200.00

    Your Price: $8,658.82

    You Save: 5%

  20. Challenge Spartan 185SA Semi Automatic Electric Paper Cutter - Equipment

    Part number: CH-SPARTAN185SA

    • Cutting: Powered by a 1-1/2 HP gear drive motor
    • Manual Clamping: The hand wheel design provides a strong clamping force resulting in high quality cuts.
    • Manual Backgauge Control: Hand Wheel Control
    • LED Digital Backgauge Position Indicator: With +/-0.01" (+/-0.1mm) backgauge accuracy - provides for easier operator interface, higher productivity, and easier repeatable accuracy than a hard to read indicator on a scale as is used with other brands.

    Your Price: $8,575.00

  21. Count PerfMaster 18" Air V3 Automatic Perforating and Scoring Machine - Scoring Equipment

    Part number: CPMASTERV3

    • Size: 44inch L x 27inch W x 45inch H Weight: 225 lbs. Speed: Up to 26,000sheets per hour Sheet Size: 4inchx4inch to 18inchx20inch Power: Standard 110v 50/60Hz also Made in U.S.A. Warranty: 1year on mechanical (except wearing parts) & 1year on electrical

    Your Price: $8,450.00

  22. MBM Sprint 5000 Booklet Maker

    Part number: MB-5000

    • Jogs, staples, and folds in one operation
    • Quick and easy set-up and adjustment
    • Variable speed
    • Produces booklets up to 88 pages (off-line)*

    Your Price: $8,199.00

  23. Formax AutoSeal FD 2002IL In-Line Mid-Voulme Pressure Sealer

    Part number: FD2002IL

    • Printer Compatibility: HP/Troy P3005, 4200,4250,4350 with two 500sheet trays, HP/Troy P2015, with two 250sheet trays (requires FD 2000-45IL Riser), HP/Troy P2055, with one 500sheet tray, HP/Troy P4014, with one 500sheet (Requires FD 2000-47IL Riser), Lexmark/Source T640, with one 500sheet tray (requires FD 2000-46IL Riser), Xerox Phaser 4510 (Requires FD 2000-55IL printer adapter kit) Fold Types: Z & V (all applications), C (bottom check position only) Duty Cycle: Up to 50,000 pieces per month Paper Size: Up to 8.5inch W x 14inch L Power: 120 Volts AC 50/60Hz Dimensions (closed): 19inch W x 46inch L x 23inch H Table Top Area Required: 20inch W x 43inch L Table Top Area Required (with conveyor): 20inch W x 69inch L Weight: 90 Certifications: UL and CL Approved, CE Applied for Warranty: 90 Day Manufacturer Warrant y

    Your Price: $8,195.00

  24. Pro Pack Dibi 6084 One-Step Shrink Wrap System - Shrink Wrap Machines

    Part number: Dibi6084

    • Item: Dibi6084 Power Supply: 220v / 3 Ph Sealing Dimesions: 23inch W x 33inch L x 10inch H Sealing System: Impulse Microknife Packaging Speed: 4-6 p/m Max Centerfold Film: 32inch Working Plate Height: 36inch Overall Dimensions: 37.4inchx72.8inch Shipping Dimensions: 77inchx42inch x 36inch Weight: 550 lbs.

    List Price: $7,900.00

    Your Price: $7,899.00

    You Save: 0%

  25. GBC Catena 105 40" Roll Laminator

    Part number: 1715850

    • LCD Display indicates temperature, speed and Ready/Wait condition
    • Silicone rubber rollers ensure timely clean-up
    • Interlocking feed tray and magnetic safety shield for safe operation
    • Designed for thermal or pressure sensitive film up to 10 mil

    Your Price: $7,588.00

  26. MBM 352S Professional Series Air Suction Paper Folder

    Part number: MB-352S

    • Air suction paper feed
    • Adjusts in seconds for standard and custom folds
    • Needle bearings for high speed production
    • Polyurethane foam rollers eliminate the need for fold roller pressure settings

    Your Price: $7,559.00

  27. MBM Sprint 3000 Booklet Maker

    Part number: MB-3000

    • Jogs, staples, and folds in one operation
    • Quick and easy set-up and adjustment
    • Variable speed
    • Produces booklets up to 100 pages (off-line)*

    Your Price: $7,499.00

  28. Renz DTP 340A Semi-Automatic Desktop Punch - Modular Punches

    Part number: RDTP340AWODIE

    • Punching dies for all types of ring wire, plastic comb, coil and calendars.
    • Punch a wide range of mixed stocks
    • Fast die changes
    • Fastest machine in its class with automatic paper ejection. Up to 3 times faster than a standard bench top machine

    Your Price: $7,489.00

  29. Standard 10 Bin Programmable Friction Feed Collator

    Part number: QC-S300

    • Corner and Side Stapling in a Space-Saving Design: The Optional Model PS-P61 provides corner and side-staple options to a single 10-bin QC-S Collator. The integrated design of the PS-P61 combines the cabinet for the collator and stapler together in one space-saving design. The stapler cartridge holds 5,000 staples and notifies the operator when it's empty.
    • Stapling and Folding All-In-One: Connect your QC-S Collator to the MF-1 Stapler/Folder for a highly productive system that finishes sets of up to six letter-sized sheets in a letter fold, letter fold with corner staple or corner staple only format.
    • High-Speed Bookletmaking Made Easy: Functional, versatile, and durable, the Model SPF-9 and Model SPF-9A Bookletmakers operate either automatically in-line with either QC-S Collating System or semi-automatically by feeding in the document set manually while in off-line mode. The SPF-9A is a fully automated set-up version of the SPF-9 that allows for push-button set-up in seconds by selecting any of the four popular preset paper sizes. It can also save time on non-standard paper sizes as it has two programmable memory settings. Both the SPF-9 and SPF-9A can staple and fold up to an 80-page booklet at speeds up to 2,100 sets per hour.
    • Add Face Trimming: Increase the professional appearance of every finished book without sacrificing productivity by adding the optional in-line face trimmer. Each SPF Bookletmaker has a matching face trimmer that efficiently trims away the shingled uneven lead edges of a folded booklet to ensure the highest-quality appearance.

    List Price: $8,250.00

    Your Price: $7,425.00

    You Save: 10%

  30. Formax FD 4170 Cut Sheet Burster - Electric Paper Cutters

    Part number: FD-4170

    • 5-level speed adjustment: 42, 64, 89, 114, 140 sheets per minute
    • 4-digit LCD Counter
    • Feed tray capacity of up to 400 sheets
    • Three-tire, top-loading feed system

    Your Price: $7,295.00

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