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Lapis Fastback Super Strips

If you're unfamiliar with the color designation lapis, it's a reference to the precious stone lapis lazuli known for its intense blue color. One look at Fastback's lapis-colored binding strips, and you'll understand why they've been given the name. The lapis strips will pair beautifully with Fastback's blue covers but will also complement a host of others. And they are a simple binding spine to work with. Just make sure you have the right binding machine. We have lots of different lengths and textures. Simply choose the size and style you need below.
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  1. Lapis 11" Fastback Super Strips Image 5
    Lapis 11" Fastback Super Strips Image 5
    • Opulent lapis color Super Strips.
    • Available in 11" lengths.
    • Widths; Narrow (capacity: 1/2" 10 - 125 sheets) Medium (1/2" - 1" 126-250 sheets) Wide (1" - 1-1/2" sheets)
    • Designed to work with Powis Fastback systems and printers.
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    Lapis 11" Narrow Powis Parker Fastback Super Strips - N114N114

    Your Price: $36.99

    Lapis 11" Medium Powis Parker Fastback Super Strips - M114M114

    Your Price: $47.59

    Lapis 11" Wide Powis Parker Fastback Super Strips - W114W114

    Your Price: $63.49

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