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Royal Blue Fastback Super Strips

Give your projects the royal treatment with the Royal Blue Fastback Super Strips. The vibrant and stylish color is a great choice for making manuals and books stand out from the rest. Designed for the Powis printing and Fastback binding systems, these strips will easily transform your projects from ordinary to extraordinary, adding a professional finish at the same time. Measuring 11'' in length, the spines are available in a narrow, medium, and wide design, to suit various requirements and projects of just 10 pages or 350. Order a packs of 100 today to save money with MyBinding!
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    • True blue Super Strips.
    • Available in 11" lengths.
    • Widths; Narrow (capacity: 1/2" 10 - 125 sheets) Medium (1/2" - 1" 126-250 sheets) Wide (1" - 1-1/2" sheets)
    • Designed to work with Powis Fastback systems and printers.
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    Royal Blue 11" Narrow Powis Parker Fastback Super Strips - 100pk - N116N116

    Your Price: $36.99

    Royal Blue 11" Medium Powis Parker Fastback Super Strips - 100pk - M116M116

    Your Price: $47.59

    Royal Blue 11" Wide Powis Parker Fastback Super Strips - 100pk - W116W116

    Your Price: $63.49

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