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Fastback PhotoPress Spine Tape

PhotoPress Spine Tape is used to reinforce book blocks created on the Powis Parker PhotoPress binding system. So make sure your documents and photo books don't fall apart with these spine tapes. We offer them in 3 different sizes-8", 10", and 12" to accommodate any size of project you might have. They come in 100 to a pack. Say no to damaged materials from heat binding and reinforce your hard and beautiful work with these tapes today!
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  1. Powis Parker PhotoPress Spine Tape - 100pk Image 1
    • Protect and reinforce your book block.
    • Available in 8", 10", and 12" lengths.
    • 100 strips per package.
    • For use with the Powis PhotoPress.
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    Powis Parker PhotoPress 8" Spine Tape - 100pkT08K4

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    Powis Parker PhotoPress 10" Spine Tape - 100pkT10K4

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    Powis Parker PhotoPress 12" Spine Tape - 100pkT12K4

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