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Foil Printed Linen Weave Binding Covers

MyBinding.com is the premiere source of binding covers in the internet. To remain on the top, they have a new product line called Linen Weave Foil Printed Covers. Convey an image of professionalism and leadership by adding a foil printed logo on these Linen Binding Covers With 6 differenent foil colors, 3 logo sizes and two foil finish to choose from, surely these grain foil printed covers will bring your business into the spotlight.
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  1. Linen Foil Printed Covers - Add Your Logo Image 1
    Linen Foil Printed Covers - Add Your Logo Image 1
    • Available in six different foil colors
    • Available in 11 different cover colors
    • Logo or text to be imprinted can either in brilliant or matte finish
    • Logo size can be 1" x 5" , 2" x 5" or 5" x 5"

    Your Price: $79.39

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