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AAMStamp Attachments

Maximize the efficiency of your AAMStamp Stamping machine with this collection of amazing and high quality attachments. Get the Bible Clamp to perfectly hold your covers in place while the machine does the stamping or engraving. Discover how easy it is to print on napkins with the Napkin Guide or the Napkin Guide Cushion Board. Print on pencils quickly with the Pencil Attachment or get the Work Table to print stationary, albums and ribbons more efficiently. These are just a few of the products you can find on this page, so take the time to discover them all to upgrade your stamping machine!
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  1. Aamstamp Adapter Sleeves Image 1
    • Product Type: Adapter Sleeve
    • Used to hold 1 to 2 Line Type Holder.
    • Required for old style 1 and 2 line holders only.
    • Size: 5"
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    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    Aamstamp 5" Single-Line Adapter SleeveAAM-SLA

    Your Price: $75.00

    Aamstamp 5" Multi-Line Adapter SleeveAAM-MLA

    Your Price: $75.00

  2. Aamstamp 10" x 12" Work Table Image 1
    • Product Type: Work Table
    • Adjustable side guide.
    • Used to print Stationary, Ribbon, Albums etc.
    • Great for holding and locating larger items.

    Your Price: $155.00

  3. Aamstamp Multi-Purpose Gauge Bar
    • Product Type: Gauge Bar
    • Used as a hold down clamp for other attachments such as cushion boards, match guides, etc.
    • Converts left or right hand.
    • Fully adjustable side guide.

    Your Price: $95.00

  4. Aamstamp Pencil Attachment Image 1
    • Product Type: Pencil Attachment
    • Guide for hexagonal pencils.
    • Compatible With: Gauge Bar
    • Black Thumb Screw Included.

    Your Price: $40.00

  5. Aamstamp GB Napkin Guide Image 1
    • Product Type: GB Napkin Guide
    • Used to locate large or small napkins.
    • Compatible With: Gauge Bar
    • Part Number: AAM-GBNG

    Your Price: $19.50

  6. Aamstamp ARS-2 Ribbon Guide Image 1
    • Product Type: ARS-2 Ribbon Guide
    • Used to hold and straighten ribbon.
    • Compatible With: 10” x 12” Work Table
    • Converts left or right hand.

    Your Price: $80.00

  7. Aamstamp 7" Napkin Guide Cushion Board Image 1
    • Product Type: Napkin Guide Cushion Board
    • Makes it far easier to print large areas on napkins.
    • Compatible With: Gauge Bar
    • Size: 7"

    Your Price: $25.00

  8. Aamstamp Two Hand Safety Switch Image 1
    • Product Type: Two Hand Safety Switch
    • Prevent hands from entering pinch point.
    • Compatible With: Aamstamp Stamping Machines
    • Part Number: AAM-THSS

    Your Price: $225.00

  9. Aamstamp Bible Clamp Image 1
    • Product Type: Bible Clamp
    • Used to hold the cover down and in place while it is engraved.
    • Compatible With: Stamping Machines
    • Part Number: AAM-AMC-1

    Your Price: $8.75

9 Item(s)
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