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C-Line Luggage Accessories

Create your own amazing luggage tags with these awesome kits from C-line. Print your tag with your address and most important information on it or use a business card. Then, use the self laminating pouches to create your tag and use the clear luggage loops to attach the tag to your bag. You can create ten luggage tags with each kit. Order yours today and label all your bags, suitcases and luggage in preparation for your next trip. Or find another creative use for the tags and label virtually anything.
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  1. C-Line Cleer Adheer Luggage Tag Kit - 10/PK Image 1
    C-Line Cleer Adheer Luggage Tag Kit - 10/PK Image 1
    • Simply position your personal information, business cards, ID information, etc. inside protective liner and seal
    • Includes attachment straps
    • Easy to use and inexpensive without the of heat or special equipment
    • Super strong

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