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Coverbind Binding Machines

Coverbind has been working hard for 30 years, and now their binding machines are available on our website! They offer three different thermal binding systems for personal, professional and industrial applications. Each unit is designed to provide professionally bound documents that are easy to assemble and fast to bind. No other system is better at making your binding projects easy and neat giving your bound documents a clean and professional look. Plus, their systems allows for easy addition or deletion of pages. Coverbind also makes their own covers right here in the USA which means the supplies that you need will be available when you need them. Check out the machines below and give us a call if you have any questions.
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  1. Coverbind Personal Thermal Binding Machine - 51000 Image 1
    • Lightweight and mobile
    • Binds up to 5 documents
    • Binds up to 120 sheets
    • Ideal for smaller offices or homes

    Was: $79.00

    Your Price: $71.40

    You Save: 10%

  2. CoverBind 5000 Thermal Binding Machine
    • Binds multiple documents simultaneously
    • Simple, desktop manual operation
    • 2" binding capacity
    • Up to 300 documents per hour, depending on spine size

    Was: $499.00

    Your Price: $478.40

    You Save: 4%

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