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Dahle Paper Shredder Oil

The cutting cylinders are the most important part of any shredder; they are the point of contact, the teeth that chew if you will. Naturally, keeping them well maintained and taken care of is of the upmost importance. Dahle shredder oil is the best solution for those of you who operate a Dahle model. Offered in both 12oz and 1 gallon bottles, this is what is going to dramatically extend the life of your machine, especially applying on a routine schedule. It is much like changing the oil on your vehicle; it needs to be done on a periodic schedule. If you have any questions regarding this process, feel free to give us a call or email us!
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  1. Dahle Shredder Oil 1 Gallon Bottles (For Automatic Oilers) - 4pk
    • Item Number: DA20741
    • Size: 1 gallon Bottle
    • Bottles per Case: 4
    • Compatible Models: All Dahle Automatic Oilers

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  2. Dahle Shredder Oil 12oz Bottles - 6pk
    • Item Number: DA20740
    • Size: 12oz Bottle
    • Bottles per Case: 6
    • Compatible Models: All Dahle Shredders

    Was: $65.00

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