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Duplo Electric Paper Cutters

These electric paper cutters are great for cutting stacks of documents at a time. Safe and easy to use, Duplo's paper cutters are ideal for cutting such applications as postcards, greeting cards, brochures, and more. Operator safety is always a priority so the cutters are equipped with light sensors that disable the cutting knife when an object comes too close. Ideal for precision cutting, the electric paper cutters offers an efficient solution for any on demand environment. Take a look and choose from your choice of cutting width and stack height.
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  1. Duplo V-590 Sheet Cutter
    Duplo V-590 Sheet Cutter
    • Speed. Processes up to 2,640 sheets per hour
    • Usability. User-friendly, interactive control panel provides helpful prompts for effective and efficient operation
    • Accuracy. Guide rollers prevent stock from curling, and new transport rollers and fine paper control enhance accuracy
    • Miss, double, out-of-paper, jam, and interlock safety cover detection system

    Your Price: $6,000.00

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