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Duplo Joggers

Paper jogging equipment comes in a variety of different sizes and functions. It aids in the paper cutting and paper feeding process for paper folders, collating equipment, bookletmaking equipment, paper creasing equipment and all other paper feeding machinery. Take a look at the choices below and choose the model that best suits your needs.
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  1. Duplo UJ-500AS Anti-Static Air Jogger Image 1
    Duplo UJ-500AS Anti-Static Air Jogger Image 1
    • Paper Size: Minimum 128 mm x 187 mm (5" x 7.3") to maximum 328 mm x 457.2 mm (12.9" x 18")
    • Paper Loading Capacity: Up to 600 sheets of 64 gsm
    • Jogger Tray Thickness: 10 cm (4")
    • Jogging System: Vibrated by eccentric balanced weight

    Your Price: $3,900.00

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