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Excel Packaging Weigh and Counting Scales

You no longer have to be concerned about whether you are going to over-pack your packages or risk additional fees because you package is above a certain weight or exceeding the size of your package. Allow us at MyBinding.com to introduce you to our weigh and counting scales. These machines are very easy to use. You simply place your contents onto the load tray, key in the quantity, press the start button and you are finished! It’s that easy. These machines will ensure the perfect measurements are taken and some are even accurate to .001 lbs. Check out our options below.
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  1. Excel UC-2400 Ultra-Count Series Vibratory Bowl Parts Counter Image 1
    • Supply Hopper Load Height: Approx. 65" - 75"
    • Bowl: 24" diameter, Stainless Steel
    • Feed Direction: Counterclockwise
    • "V" Track Conveyor: Variable speed, 2" wide, long or short avail.

    Your Price: $22,950.00

  2. Excel US-5000 Ultra-Scale Semi-Automatic "Flip" Net-Weigh/Counting Scale Image 1
    • Load Height: 38" - 49" (adj. height)
    • Scale Load Tray: 4.5" x 10" x 4" height
    • Load Cell: 5 - 50 lbs.
    • Accuracy: Up to .001 lbs.

    Your Price: $9,850.00

  3. Excel US-7000 Ultra-Scale Automatic Net-Weigh Single/Dual Head Scale Image 1
    • Heads Available: 1 to 4
    • Supply Hopper Height: 38" to 49"
    • Load Cell: 10, 25, or 50 lbs.
    • Accuracy: Up to .001 lbs.

    Your Price: $37,000.00

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