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GBC Coil Binding Machines

Finding a dependable spiral coil binding machine can be difficult. However, GBC is an established name in the binding world and they have been building high quality, long-lasting machines and accessories for decades. Many years ago they used to offer smaller desktop units. However, they now only manufacturer larger industrial quality punches, crimpers and inserters. This equipment is designed for use in higher volume environments where both reliability and productivity are essential. Check out the various machines below and feel free to give us a call or chat with us if you have any questions.
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  1. GBC CC2700 Modular Electric Coil Inserter - 7301080 cat image
    • Can be stacked on any GBC modular punch
    • Binds books from 3" wide to 12" wide
    • Up to a 1" binding capacity
    • 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

    Was: $2,333.00

    Your Price: $1,646.65

    You Save: 29%

  2. GBC MP2000C4 Modular Series 4:1 Fixed Die Coil Binding Punch Image 1
    • Punch Pattern: Wire
    • Bind Capacity: 480 Sheets
    • Disengageable Dies: No
    • Manual or Electric: Electric

    Was: $2,274.00

    Your Price: $1,698.00

    You Save: 25%

  3. GBC CI12 Electric Coil Inserter with Cut and Crimp Knives Image 1
    • Dual adjustable rollers
    • Binds coil from 6mm to 33mm
    • Binds up to 1 1/4" or 265 sheets
    • 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

    Was: $4,608.00

    Your Price: $3,596.00

    You Save: 22%

  4. GBC Premium Oval Hole Spiral Coil Crimpers - 7300551 Image 1
    • Sturdy construction
    • Convenient and mobile
    • Perfect for 0.400 pitch coil
    • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

    Your Price: $43.00

  5. GBC Premium Spiral Coil Crimpers For Smaller Elements-7300450 Image 1
    • Cuts and crimps coil sizes from 6mm to 16mm
    • Longer crimp length
    • Sturdy construction
    • Convenient and mobile

    Was: $30.00

    Your Price: $28.99

    You Save: 3%

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