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GBC Laminating Pouches

Established in the 1940's this binding giant is one of the most trusted names in the industry when it comes to all kinds of binding and laminating needs. GBC's Laminating pouches are no exception. Here at MyBinding, we are proud to say that we carry the full mix including Premium, SelfSeal PhotoPop, SelfSeal Permanent, and SelfSeal Repositionable in all relevant sizes and thicknesses. Find what you need for any project, ideal for home, office, school and much more! Shop at ease knowing you have the trusted backing of GBC, check out our selection below!

Buyers Guide

Choosing the Right Laminating Pouch for Your Laminator

laminating pouch buyers guideCongratulations on your new pouch laminator! So, what’s next? To begin successfully using one of these fine machines, you need to have some laminating pouches in your office supply cabinet. But not just any pouches: you need ones that are right for the job. To make sure you are selecting the correct ones for your application, keep the following in mind:

*Size and thickness. You’re going to need pouches that are right size for your materials. We carry a variety of different sizes including business card, letter size, menu size, and every size in between. When selecting your pouch, make sure it’s large enough to give you at least a 1/4-inch border around the document; this  to ensure that it will be properly laminated and sealed. You also need to choose supplies that are the right thickness so that they’ll be compatible with your laminator. Laminating pouches range in thickness from 1.5 (thinnest) to10 mil (thickest) and not every machine can work with all thicknesses. The lower mil pouches are flexible and light, perfect for items that won't be handed frequently or that don't need to stay laminated long. Higher mil pouches are stiffer and heavier and will give your document more protection, which is especially important for pages that will be handled often.

*Finish. The most common or popular type of laminating pouches that you will see are glossy. They help your documents and photographs look great by enhancing the graphic, and are smooth to the touch. However, documents laminated with glossy film can be difficult to read in certain situations because of glare. If that’s an issue for you, matte pouches are a good alternative. You can also write on these due to the porous texture, which can prove to be very convenient. And if you want to give your work a different look, there are some that have colored backs as well as ones with a sticky back so you can make adhesive documents. Fun and colorful frames can easily be applied to your work as well with our line of Pizzazz pouches. Be sure to take a look all of the available supplies to see what’s out there.

*Brand name and Quality. Laminating pouches are manufactured by several different companies and, as you would expect, quality varies greatly. As top name brands, GBC and Fellowes fit into the high quality category, as they also make a large amount of the pouch laminators that we sell. Our MyBinding name brand is also well known for quality among our users and are fully compatible with all brands of machines. Additionally, our line has the advantage of having the most options including thickness, size, and slot punch capabilities. These are all great selections when it comes to the quality of your laminating supplies. Using higher-quality pouches might cost a bit more, but your documents will look better and you won’t experience as many problems as going with a cheaper line.

When picking out your laminating pouches, these are the main things to take into consideration. You’ll want to choose ones that are the right size and thickness. The thickness is especially important. Consult the machine’s instruction manual to see what the device can handle. Also, finish is important because it can affect the readability of your document. Chances are you want people to read your work, right? And, depending on the finish, you can make stickers and more. Finally, high-quality supplies are best even if they’re a bit pricey. Shop for your laminating pouches today and stock your office supply collection.