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GBC ID Badge Clips

For identification clips you want to ensure that the plastic does not yellow or split. Sturdy products need to be used to take daily wear. These premium GBC Badgemates badge clips are made from the highest quality materials and are built to last. Pick from the ten-pack GBC Clear ID badge clip with secure Mylar strap or choose a badge clip and Mylar strap. Both of these gems will stand the test of time and the constant snapping on and off of your badge.
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  1. Badge Clip and Mylar Strap Image 1
    • For use with ID's, membership cards, and visitors badges
    • Just attach your card to the strap and clip to your pocket, belt, shirt, or coat
    • Won't snag or tear clothing
    • Reel Type: ID Strap Clip

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  2. GBC Clear ID Badge Clip with  Mylar Strap (10pk) - 3747210 Image 1
    • Color: Clear
    • Attachment: Clear Vinyl Strap
    • GBC Part Number: 3747210
    • Quantity: 10 Lanyard Per Pack

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