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Graphic Wizard Banding Machines

If you own a print or copy shop, you'll love these Graphic Wizard Banding Machines! Designed to make packaging of prints easy and efficient, these units will help you save both time and money. Gone are the days of manually packing prints for delivery! With the PT-Bander Banding Machine you can band up to 30 bundles per minute, using either self-welding paper or poly tape, for a professional look. You can set the machine to manual or automatic, and you can also adjust the bundle tension to suit specific packaging requirements. Take advantage of your fantastic prices and buy your new banding machine today from MyBinding!
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  1. Graphic Whizard PT-Bander Banding Machine Image 1
    Graphic Whizard PT-Bander Banding Machine Image 1
    • Utilizes a 1.2”/ 3.04 cm wide self-welding tape.
    • Available in either a poly or paper roll.
    • Speeds up to 30 bundles per minute!
    • Adjustable backstops for feeding ease.

    Your Price: $8,965.00

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