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Graphic Wizard Creasers

Looking for cost-effective and reliable creasers that will save your business both time and money? We can help with these Graphic Wizard Creasers, designed to make your folding and creasing production go smoothly and significantly faster than ever before! Choose from the options we have available to find the ideal creasing machine for your business. We carry the PT330S unit that can create up to 6 creases per sheet and can process up to 2800 sph, with a program memory of 30 jobs. The PT330-SA Semi-Automatic Creasing Machine can create up to 16 creases per sheet, and has a program memory of 49 jobs, with speeds of up to 1800 sph. Order the one that will suit your requirements perfectly and enjoy our incredible prices!
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  1. Graphic Whizard PT330S Creaser
    • Program up to 6 creases per sheet
    • Feeder: Manual
    • Program memory: 30
    • Speed: 2800 sph

    Your Price: $3,795.00

  2. Graphic Whizard PT300-SA Semi-Automatic Creasing Machine Image 1
    • Speed: 1800 sph (based on 8.5" x 11" run landscape, 1 crease)
    • Max. No. Creasing Positions: 16
    • Program Memory: 49
    • Feeder: Manual

    Your Price: $5,750.00

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