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Graphic Wizard Numbering Machines

Ensure that your print shop runs more efficiently with one of these Graphic Wizard Numbering Machines. The practical design will help you number any paper materials quickly without the need for an operator, letting you complete other more important tasks! Select from the compact and GW-Junior Tabletop Numbering Machine with a rugged, all metal construction and with crash numbering of up to ten part carbonless and a 3 position pivot adjustment. Need a machine that can perform multiple tasks? Order the GW-3000 Numbering, Perforating, Scoring, and Slitting Machine, with a capacity of up to 3,000 sheets / sets per hour!
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  1. Graphic Whizard GW-Junior Tabletop Numbering Machine Image 1
    • Steel register table with strong 4" (10 cm) magnets.
    • Swing up numbering assembly for easy access allows changing of ink pads and numbers with head in full up position.
    • 3 Position pivot adjustment ensures flat crash at correct pressure.
    • Tabletop numbering machine

    Your Price: $1,690.00

  2. Graphic Whizard GW-3000 Numbering, Perforating, Scoring and Slitting Machine Image 1
    • 3,000 Sheets/Sets Per Hour (11" x 8.5" - A4)
    • 1 number per head per sheet.
    • 1 or 2 numbering heads.
    • Crash numbering up to 10 part carbonless.

    Your Price: $7,585.00

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