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Max Electric Staplers

Finding a good quality electric stapler is difficult. Max Corporation recognized the need for higher quality electric stapling and has really revolutionized the electric stapler market. They offer several high-end options, depending on the thickness of the documents that you need to punch. What's great about these staplers is that they create a flat clinch when stapled. This means no more leaning tower of stapled documents-they'll lie much flatter and therefore are much easier to handle. All of these electric models have a push button activator and a sensor that detects your document automatically when you place it in the throat of the document to make stapling easier. Check them out and improve your stapling efficiency today.
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  1. Max Electronic 20 Sheet Flat Clinch Stapler - EH-20F Image 1
    • Color:White
    • Stapling Capacity:20 Sheets
    • Load Capacity: 2000 Staples
    • Recommended Staples:MAX 20-FE

    Was: $195.00

    Your Price: $113.00

    You Save: 42%

  2. Max Electronic 70 Sheet Flat Clinch Stapler - EH-70F Image 1
    • Color:White
    • Stapling Capacity:70 Sheets
    • Load Capacity: 5000 Staples
    • Recommended Staples:MAX 70-FE

    Was: $410.00

    Your Price: $372.73

    You Save: 9%

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