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Silverstone Classic Linen Covers

Want a chic cover for your project but prefer something other than white or vivid colors? These Silverstone covers are perfect for just about anything. They have a subtle gray color that has enough intensity to make an impact and transform your project. Make an impression with these elegant covers that have a timeless quality to them and choose the right package from below. Whether you need larger digital 12x18 sheet or something smaller like an 8x8 or half size we have them all and everything in between. Want your logo imprinted in bright silver or gold? We can do it and so much more. Take a look at the options below and give us a call if you have questions.
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  1. Silverstone 80lb Classic Linen Covers Image 1
    • 80lb speckled light gray with linen-like finish
    • Can be ordered unpunched or with 8 various punch styles
    • Available in 8 different sizes with optional die-cut windows
    • Comes in packs of 25
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    Silverstone 80lb 8.5" x 11" Classic Linen Cover - 25pkMYCLIN8.5X11SS

    Your Price: $13.49

    • Buy 5 or more | save 2%
    • Buy 10 or more | save 3%
    • Buy 20 or more | save 5%
    Silverstone 80lb 8.75" x 11.25" Classic Linen Cover - 25pkMYCLIN8.75X11.25SS

    Your Price: $14.49

    Silverstone 80lb 5.5" x 8.5" Classic Linen Cover - 25pkMYCLIN5.5X8.5SS

    Your Price: $9.99

    Silverstone 80lb 9" x 11" Classic Linen Cover - 25pkMYCLIN9X11SS

    Your Price: $17.99

    Silverstone 80lb 8.5" x 14" Classic Linen Cover - 25pkMYCLIN8.5X14SS

    Your Price: $23.59

    Silverstone 80lb 11" x 17" Classic Linen Cover - 25pkMYCLIN11X17SS

    Your Price: $29.19

    Silverstone 80lb A3 Size Classic Linen Cover - 25pkMYCLINA3SS

    Your Price: $34.99

    Silverstone 80lb A4 Size Classic Linen Cover - 25pkMYCLINA4SS

    Your Price: $17.99

    Classic Linen Silverstone 8.5" x 11" 80lb Covers with Windows - 25 SetsMYCLINSSW8.5X11

    Your Price: $34.99

    Classic Linen Silverstone 8.75" x 11.25" 80lb Covers with Windows - 25 SetsMYCLINSSW8.75X11.25

    Your Price: $37.09

    Classic Linen Silverstone 9" x 11" 80lb Covers with Windows - 25 SetsMYCLINSSW9X11

    Your Price: $45.59

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