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Plastikoil Binding Machines

PLASTIKOIL originated as an alternative binding option for one of Gateway Bookbinding Systems sister companies. In the 1960's, they were binding all of their publications at that time with comb binding. The company was looking for an alternative - something fresh, something new - in keeping with their progressive thinking. They came upon a very small, local manufacturer of this exciting, new continuous plastic spiral type of binding. Coil bound books could lay flat, could open a full 360 degrees, and looked great! Gateway made the change to plastic spiral and never looked back! Gateway Bookbinding, taking the basic coil forming equipment and the plastic formulas originally used, have evolved this exciting plastic binding product into PLASTIKOIL - a now internationally recognized binding system that has become one of the most popular mechanical binding choices for today's books and printed projects.
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  1. PBS Industrial Roller Inserter Image 1
    • Small and compact
    • No limit on binding edge
    • Handles coil diameters from 6 mm up to 32 mm
    • Large top surface for workspace

    Your Price: $997.29

  2. PBS TCB Dual Sided Crimping Unit Image 1
    • Foot pedal operated
    • Handles binding edges 5.5" ? 17"
    • Available with electric or pneumatic actuation
    • Handles coil diameters from 6 mm to 50 mm

    Your Price: $3,114.43

  3. PBS 3000 QS Auto Inserter Image 1
    • Can produce 600 books/hour
    • Foot pedal operated
    • Can handle 6 mm through 20 mm
    • Mounted on casters for easy movement

    Your Price: $22,500.00

  4. PBS 1500 Industrial Coil Inserter Image 1
    • Can produce 350 books/hour
    • Foot pedal operated
    • Can handle all available coil diameters
    • Capacity to work with longer 36" lengths of coil

    Was: $3,175.00

    Your Price: $2,913.53

    You Save: 8%

  5. KOILMATIC Table-Top Electric Automatic Coil Inserter and Crimper Image 1
    • Can produce 450 books/hour
    • LCD Screen
    • Can handle 8 mm to 20 mm coil
    • Capability to do 8.5" / 11" / A5 / A4 binding edges

    Your Price: $13,900.00

  6. PlastiKoil Binding Stick - 2
    • Simple easy to use design.
    • Color: Clear
    • 10 Bind sticks per package.
    • Connects large spiral bound documents.

    Your Price: $8.39

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