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Quartet Pedestal Signs

These Quartet Pedestal Signs are designed to provide maximum visibility in high traffic areas. With various types of products to choose from, you can make sure that all your organization's sign display requirements are met. The Black Signware Pedestal Sign features 12 assorted signs but its can also be used to display custom prints or personalized messages on a blank panel. The Adjustable Height Sign Stand will help you stand out from the crowd anywhere. Need a classic letterboard for a lobby? We carry two popular sizes, both with an adjustable height. Take a look at our fantastic collection of pedestals signs to find the perfect product for your needs!
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  1. Quartet Adjustable Single Pedestal Letter Board Image 1
    • 2 popular sizes.
    • Single pedestal base.
    • Chrome finish frame.
    • Letters also available.
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    Quartet 20" x 16" Adjustable Single Pedestal Letter BoardQRT-7920M

    Was: $256.99

    Your Price: $146.86

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    Quartet 24" x 18" Adjustable Single Pedestal Letter BoardQRT-7921M

    Was: $280.45

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  2. Quartet Black Signware Pedestal Sign - 3655 Image 1
    • Lightweight 52" portable pedestal with sturdy base lets you choose from 12 assorted signs, customize your message using a blank panel or post any 14" W x 11" H poster-size sign
    • Ideal for high-traffic environments
    • 12 assorted signs include: Meeting in Progress; Welcome Please Register; Authorized Personnel Only; Please Watch Your Step; Caution Wet Floor; Smoking In Designated Areas Only;
    • Combine two 14" W x 11" H signs into dual-sided display visible in all directions, ensuring messages reach a larger audience

    Was: $194.77

    Your Price: $111.30

    You Save: 43%

  3. Quartet Silver Designer Sign Stand - 7922 Image 1
    • Durable 11" W x 17" H aluminum frame with 59" tall stand instantly turns signs, literature, fliers and computer printouts into customized display
    • Ideal for high-traffic environments
    • Dual-function display panel rotates vertically or horizontally, increasing possibilities for effective displays
    • Fits 8.5" W x 11" H and 11" W x 17" H documents

    Was: $312.07

    Your Price: $178.33

    You Save: 43%

  4. Quartet Silver Adjustable Height Sign Stand - 7923 Image 1
    • Slim, freestanding pedestal sign holder with adjustable telescoping tube and bottom ledge creates flexible surface area, sliding up and down to hold 11" to 40" signs
    • Ideal for maximum visibility in high-traffic environments
    • Easily secure 2 same-sized posters to create a dual-sided display visible in all directions, ensuring messages reach a larger audience
    • Lightweight pole adjusts from 44" to 73" for ideal visibility

    Was: $228.43

    Your Price: $130.53

    You Save: 43%

  5. Quartet Improv Silver Lobby Clip Frame Sign - LCF2418 Image 1
    • Durable 54.5" pedestal holds 18" W x 24" H Improv Sign to give maximum visibility to your customized, high-quality display
    • Sturdy base will stay put in high-traffic environments, including lobbies and restaurants
    • Unhinge frame edges with one easy flip to quickly update
    • Fits papers or posters measuring up to 18" W x 24" H

    Was: $244.75

    Your Price: $139.86

    You Save: 43%

5 Item(s)
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