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Rapid Heavy Duty Staplers

If you want a heavy-duty stapler for your office, mailroom or school, look no further than these premium quality Heavy Duty Staplers from Rapid. Built to last and to perform perfectly in any situation, these staplers are excellent value, especially as you can buy them at the great prices you can only find here, on MyBinding. We carry a vast range of products you can choose from, starting with the R23 stapler that is ideal for thinner fabrics and sheets of paper, the HD130 Stapler that can process up to 130 sheets at a time, or the Duax Heavy Duty Stapler that can go through 170 sheets of paper and can adjust the length of the staples to suit the depth of the paper stack.
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  1. Rapid HD130 Heavy Duty Stapler - RPD73110 Image 1
    • Heavy-duty stapler with anti-jam function and double-hinge, ABS-covered lever handle
    • Front-loads full strip of heavy-duty 1/2", 3/8", 5/8" or 9/16" staples
    • Stapling Capacity: up to 130 sheets
    • ECO 100% post-consumer plastic parts

    Was: $73.90

    Your Price: $70.20

    You Save: 5%

  2. Rapid R23 Heavy Duty Stapler - RPD20510450 Image 1
    • Secures thinner materials like fabrics, paper and labels
    • Staples Capacity: 156
    • Durable, all-steel construction
    • For use with No. 19 fine wire staples

    Was: $32.99

    Your Price: $31.34

    You Save: 5%

  3. Rapid HD80 Heavy-duty Personal Stapler - RPD73159 Image 1
    • Compatible with any 3/8", 1/2" or 1/4" heavy-duty staples; low-staple indicator
    • Stapling Capacity: up to 80 sheets
    • ECO 100% post-consumer plastic parts
    • Features rugged construction and paper guide

    Was: $39.05

    Your Price: $37.10

    You Save: 5%

  4. Rapid 1 Heavy Duty Plier Stapler - RPD90119 Image 1
    • Heavy-duty plier stapler is ideal for mailrooms, shops, stores, home and office
    • Staples up to 50 sheets
    • Compatible with 1/4" or 5/16" high-capacity staples as well as standard staples
    • Perfect for light-duty and heavy-duty stapling of odd-size papers

    Your Price: $38.97

  5. Rapid Heavy-duty Cartridge Stapler - RPD02892 Image 1
    • Easy, drop-in front-loading stapler includes 4 different, color-coded staple cartridges
    • Loads a full cartridge of 210 heavy-duty staples
    • Stapling Capacity: up to 80 sheets
    • Lightweight with soft grip handle for comfortable stapling

    Was: $106.06

    Your Price: $100.76

    You Save: 5%

  6. Rapid HD220 Heavy Duty Stapler - RPD73140 Image 1
    • Easy front-loading system; Leverage system for less-effort stapling
    • Stapling Capacity: 220 sheets
    • Made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic
    • All-metal inner housing; extra-wide base for stability

    Was: $136.20

    Your Price: $129.39

    You Save: 5%

  7. Rapid Duax Heavy Duty Stapler - RPD73338 Image 1
    • Uses 1 staple size whether you are stapling 2 or 170 sheets
    • Easy front-loading; low-staple indicator
    • Jam-Free system; Flat-clinch technology
    • Automatically senses depth of paper stack; cuts legs of DUAX staple to exact length needed

    Was: $231.23

    Your Price: $219.67

    You Save: 5%

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