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Zutter Binding Machines

Unlike most of the binding equipment that we carry the Zutter Bind-It-All isn't aimed at the corporate market. Originally developed for use in scrapbooking for creating small memory books this mini punch creates a 2:1 pitch wire pattern and is compatible with the 2:1 wire that we carry. However, the punch is only about four inches wide making it less than ideal for letter sized documents or for production use. That being said, it is a great starter machine for the production of prototypes and works extremely well for craft projects, scrapbooking and for binding photographs. Plus, we also carry pink and blue wire from Zutter to go with the machine. Check It out below.
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  1. Zutter Bind-it-All V2.0 Punch and Bind Machine Image 1
    Zutter Bind-it-All V2.0 Punch and Bind Machine Image 1
    • Punch Capacity: 5 Sheets
    • Bind Capacity: 150 Sheets
    • Color: Pink
    • Punch Pattern: Wire

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