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Discontinued Envelope Inserters

Ideal for offices or mail rooms, these Envelope Inserters will help you reduce your envelope processing times significantly and save money by making this time-consuming process automatic. We carry professional machines made by a leading manufacturer to a high standard of quality. The Tabletop Inserter made by Formax can process up to 3,000 pieces per month, while the Basic Office Inserter is anything but basic. It can go through 4,300 pieces per hour and up to 80,000 pieces per month. Reliable and long-lasting, these machines will help you save time and money, making them a wise investment into your company.
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  1. Formax 6202 Series Basic Office Inserter
    • Speed: Up to 4,300 pieces per hour/ #10 envelopes
    • Feed Hopper Capacity: Up to 325 sheets 20lb paper
    • Envelope Hopper Capacity: Up to 500 envelopes, top- loading
    • Duty Cycle: Up to 80,000 pieces per month

    Your Price: $7,995.00

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  2. Formax FD 6100 Tabletop Inserter
    • Hopper Capacity: Up to 100 sheets 20lb in each feeder
    • Fixed Speed: Up to 23 pieces per minute
    • Duty Cycle: Up to 3,000 pieces per month
    • Paper Size: 5.875 - 8.75" W x 3.125" - 14" L

    Your Price: $5,050.00

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  3. Formax 6206 Series Paper Folder and Inserter Image 1
    • One automatic & one semi-automatic sheet feeder
    • User-friendly color touchscreen display with job wizard step-by-step setup guides
    • 20 programmable fold applications
    • Vertical Output Stacker holds up to 250 finished envelopes

    Your Price: $11,650.00

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