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Excel PM-C450 Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine

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Excel PM-C450 Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine

Part #: PM-C450
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The Excel PM-C450 Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine is a flow wrapper used by many bakery and confectionary manufacturers. The good synchronisation between bag length and its end seal made it very popular. Designed with a twin-motor drive, it is considered one of the best flow wrappers of its generation. It is suitable for candy, biscuits, bread, hardware, toy, phone card, and other solid products in a centre seal pillow pack. A stainless steel loading table is installed on all C models, where the operator load products between the infeed chain pushers for standard type; or directly on the film for inverted type. The film reel is loaded on a clamping device which maintains its alignment before and after reel change. The reel unwind roller is synchronised with the film advance roller which eliminate the possibility of overfeed or underfeed of film. The end seal system which contains a knife with anvil on the crimp jaws is synchronised with the in-feed to eliminate tendency of product caught between the jaws. Both systems are controlled by PLC and inverter for its high performance result. From mid-2011, the production switched to include safety guards as basic accessory with end seal jam sensor, which can detects product jam and film residue on the end seal to stop the machine going out-of-sync from its end seal position; a stainless steel safety guard cover beneath the in-feed chain for additional protection. The Excel PM-C450 Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine proved immediately in speed, good synchronisation and sealing as superior to its class, and still easier to maintain with its structural stability and rigid chassis that was designed for a much higher speed.

Product Details

  • Titus II+ human interface.
  • 7-inch touch screen .
  • OMRON ES3 photoelectric sensor.
  • OMRON E5CN digital temperature controller.
  • OMRON E6B2 encoder.
  • Dual intelligent control - eliminate mechanical adjustments.
  • Pusher-carrier combo - extra product protection.
  • Chain-driven robust - twice the performance with OMRON encoder.
  • Forming device level up - instant performance among changed film reel.

  • Product Options

  • Stainless steel 304 construction.
  • Automatic card dispenser with card magazine.
  • Coding: solid ink roller.
  • Coding: thermal transfer.
  • End seal jam sensor.
  • Gas flushing device.
  • Gusseted bag forming device.
  • Reduced loading platform length.
  • Reduced speed changeover.
  • Special voltage.


  • Machine Speed: 40 - 230 per min
  • Bag Width: 50 - 180 mm
  • Bag Length: 130 - 450 mm
  • Bag Height: ≤ 80
  • Reel Width: 150 - 450 mm
  • Cutting Style: Serrated
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 4020mm x 820mm x 1450mm
  • Power: 2.8 kW
  • Voltage: 220VAC, 50Hz, 1-Ph
  • Part Number: PM-C450


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