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Fastbind Secura Hot Melt Perfect Binder - SEC110

Fastbind Secura Hot Melt Perfect Binder - SEC110 Image 1

Fastbind Secura Hot Melt Perfect Binder - SEC110

Part #: SEC110
Brand: Fastbind
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This Fastbind Secura Hot Melt Perfect Binder is a flexible binding system that can bind up to 9.3" x 12.5" sized books. This binder has a unique rotary binding method that makes it the most flexible system available in the market today. It quickly produces hard and soft cover books as well as manager covers, tear-off pads and strip binding. Plus, the end result is perfect binding that is strong, square and affordable. This compact and full-featured Fastbind Secura Hot Melt Perfect Binder can make professional quality books and reports in minutes with no set-up times or book format adjustments. In fact, it self adjusts for book thickness from 2 to 400 pages. For the best printed hard cover books and photo albums, Fastbind Secura can be combined with all Fastbind Casemakers.

Product Details

  • Multiple Types of Bind: Hard Cover Binding, Soft Cover Binding, Strip Binding, Tear-Off Pads
  • Affordable, compact and fully featured.
  • Easy to Use. No set-up times or book format adjustments needed.
  • Self adjusts for book thickness from 2 to 400 pages
  • Compatible with: Fastbind Case Makers, Fastbind Creasers, Fastbind Presso.
  • Optional tools and Accessories: Cover Trimmer or Hard Cover Toolkit.


  • Capacity cycles/hour: Up to 450
  • Capacity books/hour: Up to 180
  • Min-max binding thickness: 0.1–40 mm / 0.004–1.6 inches
  • Max. binding length: 235 mm / 9.3 inches
  • Max. binding height: 320 mm / 12.6 inches
  • Max cover thickness: 400 g/m² / 225 index
  • Voltage: 220–240 V / 110–115 V
  • Frequency: 50–60 Hz / 50–60 Hz
  • Current: 3 A / 5.5 A
  • Machine dimensions (W x D x H): 660 x 370 x 430 mm / 26 x 15 x 17 inches
  • Box dimensions (W x D x H): 710 x 410 x 510 mm / 28.0 x 16.1 x 20.1 inches
  • Net/gross weight: 28/31 kg / 62/68.4 lbs


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Questions & Answers
How do you roughen the paper stack spine before gluing to prevent pages falling out from use?
Asked by Michelle 2 months ago
Great question! So this machine actually has a slitter built right into the machine. On the top of the picture, you can see a handle. This is actually a slide bar. It slides across the top of the book and puts little slits across the papers so the glue has somewhere to adhere to. We will have a video on our website shortly but if you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at 800-944-4573 and we would be more than happy to help or send a quote out.

Answered by Mybinding.com 2 months ago
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