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Colors and gadgets galore make this combo bucket a must have for any successful business. In your bucket you will receive a landfall of badge display equipment: slide clip badge reels, cord lengths of 34 inches, and a convenient see-through cookie jar type container. The clear view lets the employees see the vibrant select of solid black, royal blue, red, yellow, and green; or translucent choices of clear, royal blue, red, orange, or purple. You receive a bountiful ten of each color. This is a no-brainier choice with the only decision being which spectacular color to select.
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  1. Tub-O-Reels Image 1
    Tub-O-Reels Image 1
    • Type: Slide Clip Badge Reels
    • Reel Diameter: 1 1/4" (32mm)
    • Cord Length: 34" (864mm)
    • Colors: Solid - Black, Royal Blue, Red, Yellow Green; Translucent - Clear, Royal Blue, Red, Orange, Purple

    Your Price: $77.84

    As low as: $73.95
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