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TAMPERtape Security Tape

Although not really an ID product, this specialty tamper resistant tape is brought to you by the makers of the TempBadge line of expiring ID products. Using a strip of Tampertape, it is possible to tell whether a package has been opened or not. The tape displays the word Tamper Vue in black print on a red background. However, when the tape is peeled back you will clearly see the word opened displayed where the tape used to be. This is perfect for sales of electronic products or for items subject to a restocking fee if opened. Try Tampertape in your organization to reduce fraud and prevent costly returns of items that can not be resold.
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    TAMPERtape Security Tape Image 1
    • Size: 2"
    • Expiring: No
    • Printable: No
    • Quantity: 1 pk

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