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GBC Arctic Lo-Tack Mountaing Adhesive

Do you have a store and don't want to apply graphics to your windows because they leave residues that are hard to remove? Avoiding making your shop's windows stand out with seasonal graphics because you're worried about applying them? GBC has created an amazingly versatile and easy to use adhesive that will make your life so much brighter! You can apply the decorations by hand in minutes, with no bubbles or any residues after removal. Choose from the sizes below, from 25"x100' to 38"x150' and 51"x150' and enjoy the professional finish of your window graphics!
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  1. GBC Arctic Lo-Tack 1 Mil  51 Inch x 150' (3 Inch Core) - 9300913A Image 1
    • Film Finish: Gloss
    • Core Size: 3"
    • Thickness:1 Mil
    • Hot or Cold: Hot

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  2. GBC Arctic Low Tack 38 Inch x 150' (3 Inch Core) - 9300888 Image 1
    • Film Finish: Low Tack Gloss
    • Core Size: 3"
    • Dimension: 38" x 150'
    • Hot or Cold: Cold

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