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Dark Blue Laminating Foils

Deepest and boldest of all of the blue foil, dark blue captures the essences of the deep blue sea like none other. Imagine the deepest parts of the ocean, majestic and cool. For a more refined and professional look, yet still not black or dark grey, you have come to the right place. Available in 8" widths and 100' lengths, this foil is sure to keep your reports or business cards looking crisp and professional. Be sure to try out the dark blue metallic line today!
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  1. Dark Blue Metallic Laminating Foil Image 1
    Dark Blue Metallic Laminating Foil Image 1
    • Color: Dark Blue Metallic
    • Width: 8"
    • Roll Length: 100'
    • Core Size: 1/2"
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    Dark Blue Metallic 8" x 100' Laminating FoilBLU-85-8

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    Dark Blue Metallic 12" x 100' Laminating FoilBLU-85-12

    Your Price: $43.29

    Dark Blue Metallic 24" x 500' Laminating FoilBLU-85-24

    Your Price: $145.49

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