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25" x 37" Matte Laminating Pouches

If you want to laminate posters, maps, or larger prints, look no further than these practical and high quality 25'' x 37'' Matte Laminating Pouches. The convenient design will ensure that your laminating projects will always run smoothy, and you can use these pouches with almost any kind of laminator. Select the product you need from the ones listed below. We carry matte-clear pouches, with a matte and write-on surface on one side, and a clear gloss finish on the other. Want to add a unique touch to your prints? Check out the matte-white opaque pouches!
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  1. Matte Clear 25" x 37" Laminating Pouches Image 1
    Matte Clear 25" x 37" Laminating Pouches Image 1
    • Size: 25" x 37"
    • Clear or Gloss one side and Matte on the other side
    • Available Thickness: 5 mil film
    • Quantity - 25 Pouches
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    5mil Matte Clear 25" x 37" Laminating Pouches - 25pkMYLP25X37MC5

    Your Price: $297.59

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