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Map Size Laminating Pouches

If you are looking for map size laminating pouches you have come to the right place. These crystal clear laminating pouches are some of the best quality on the market and will work in almost any pouch laminator (just be sure that you buy the right thickness for your laminator). We also carry extra laminating pouch carriers in a number of sizes to suit your needs and a huge selection of specialty laminating pouches. To select the proper thickness of the laminating pouches that you need, just use the pull down menu or scroll down on the page to see the sizes that are available.
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  1. Map Size Laminating Pouches - 100pk Image  3
    • Choose Thickness from 3MIL, 5MIL, 7MIL or 10MIL
    • Pouch sealed on longer side
    • Corners: Rounded
    • Finish: Clear
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    3MIL Map Size 18" x 24" Laminating Pouches - 100pkTLP3MAP

    Your Price: $55.59

    5MIL Map Size 18" x 24" Laminating Pouches - 100pkTLP5MAP

    Your Price: $96.99

    7MIL Map Size 18" x 24" Laminating Pouches - 100pkTLP7MAP

    Your Price: $130.79

    10MIL Map Size 18" x 24" Laminating Pouches - 100pkTLP10MAP

    Your Price: $196.19

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