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Manual Letter Openers

Who knew there were so many different ways to open a letter? Whether you are looking for a simple handheld opener with a protected razor blade or a traditional knife style opener we carry them all. These manual openers are designed to help you quickly and easily open mail right at your desk. Place one in your desk drawer or in your pencil cup so that it is within reach and ready to process your mail. These openers are inexpensive, easy to use and small enough to fit wherever you need them. Buy a few and make sure that you are never without a letter opener again.
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  1. Handheld Letter Opener Image 1
    • Conveniently shaped to fit easily in your fingertips
    • Sharp blade easily and neatly slits open envelopes
    • Operating Mode: Manual
    • Color: Assorted

    Your Price: $1.50

  2. Deluxe Compact Handheld Letter Opener Image 1
    • Offers safe and reliable operation for all envelope openings
    • Compact size allows it to fit in any desk drawer or on desktop.
    • Features a protected firmly secured blade.
    • Operating Mode: Manual

    Your Price: $2.10

  3. Clean Slit Handheld Letter Opener Image 1
    • Delivers a convenient, clean cut
    • Black plastic casing and steel blade
    • Operating Mode: Manual
    • Color: Black

    Your Price: $2.60

  4. Survivor Tyvek Handheld Letter Opener Image 1
    • Compact design increases portability
    • Provides the help needed to get into super-tough Tyvek envelopes or other envelopes
    • Operating Mode: Manual
    • Packaged Quantity: 1 Each

    Your Price: $4.80

  5. Rosewood Handle Handheld Letter Opener Image 1
    • Popular stiletto style
    • Opens letters, boxes and packages
    • Features a stainless steel blade
    • Operating Mode: Manual

    Your Price: $5.00

  6. Acme United Pink Ribbon 9" Letter Opener - ACM15424 Image 1
    • Iconic pink ribbon promotes breast cancer awareness
    • Handle is contoured for comfortable use
    • Beveled edges provide smooth slicing for safe handling
    • Stainless steel blade is corrosion-resistant for durability

    Was: $6.55

    Your Price: $6.22

    You Save: 5%

  7. Acme United KleenEarth Antimicrobial Letter Opener - ACM14821 Image 1
    • Corrosion-resistant, precision-ground, stainless steel blade
    • Packaged in a recycled card that contains post-consumer material
    • Contoured handle contains post-consumer recycled material
    • Features Microban antimicrobial protection

    Was: $6.95

    Your Price: $6.60

    You Save: 5%

  8. Titanium Bonded Handheld Letter Opener Image 1
    • Features titanium-bonded blade that is 3 times harder than steel alone
    • Durable, longer-lasting blade
    • Corrosion-resistant
    • Lightweight with contoured handle and soft grip.

    Your Price: $8.70

8 Item(s)
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