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Martin Yale Equipment

For more than 60 years, Martin Yale Industries has been providing quality products to corporations, schools, printers and other organizations. In fact, Martin Yale products can be found in countless organizations within the office, graphics, industrial and school channels. Martin Yale Industries has created some of the most impressive and recognized brands in the marketplace including: Paper folding machines, cutting equipment, business card slitters and letter openers, branded mailroom equipment, finishing equipment and paper folders as well as Premier paper trimmers and Master Paper punches. With each of these brands, they have set themselves apart from their competition by providing high quality, feature rich products at excellent price points. MyBinding.com is proud to not only carry the full line of Martin Yale, Intimus, Premier and Master products, we also service these products for our customers. Our trained technical support staff is available to help you with any issues that might arise with your paper folder, letter opener, business card slitter or paper cutter. If we can't help you over the phone and you need someone to come to your organization we have a network of technicians around the country that are ready and willing to come to your organization and help you diagnose and repair your piece of equipment. If you are looking for a paper cutter, paper folding machine, letter opener, tabber, business card slitter, paper jogger or paper cutter you should check out the equipment that is offered below.
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  1. Martin Yale Premier 724 Stakcut Paper Trimmer

    Part number: MY724

    • Heavy-duty 3/4" thick wood base
    • Through-hardened steel blade, precision-angled to cut stacks of up to 30 sheets
    • Accurately cuts paper, matte board, cardboard, film, tissue and textiles
    • Permanent 1/2" grid and dual English and metric rulers help to ensure proper alignment

    Your Price: $494.29

  2. Martin Yale Mark VII Pro Series Paper Folder

    Part number: MK7000

    • Adjustable fold rollers for easy customizable paper folding convenience.
    • Continuous bottom feed system allows for non-stop workflow.
    • Manual adjust sheet separator provides easy paper folding selection.
    • Manual paper guide and skew adjustments for custom paper folding jobs.

    List Price: $5,225.00

    Your Price: $4,800.00

    You Save: 8%

  3. Martin Yale Mark VII Pro Series Air Feed Paper Folder

    Part number: MK7000A

    • Adjustable fold rollers
    • Continuous bottom feed system
    • Manual adjust sheet separator
    • Manual paper guide and skew adjustments

    Your Price: $7,900.00

  4. Martin Yale Mark VII Versatile Stand

    Part number: MK7700

    • Available with one shelf for that can be used for extra storage or to store the Mark VII AirFeed system
    • Comes with heavy-duty casters that allow the entire unit to pull out to give easy access to the cable connections
    • Made from heavy-gauge, static-dissipating steel construction
    • Dimensions is 23" W x 25" D x 21" H

    Your Price: $503.69

  5. Martin Yale BCS412FB 12up Business Card Slitter - Score/Perf/ Flipbooks

    Part number: BCS412FB

    • Ideal for cutting pictures, flips and covers
    • Customized to maximize your working efficiency
    • Includes two slitter blades, two slitter backups, two scoring blades and two scoring backups
    • Cuts 8 1/2" x 11" sheets into two strips of 3 1/2" x 8 1/2" on the first pass and finishes the job by taking the 4up sheets and cutting them down to 2" x 3 1/2" cards

    Your Price: $3,344.00

  6. Martin Yale SP200 2-Pass Score and Perf Machine

    Part number: MYSP200

    • 14,000 sheets per hour
    • Paper widths from 3.5" to 12"
    • Adjustable guides to accommodate different paper widths
    • Feeder holds 5/8" stacks

    Your Price: $1,768.74

  7. Martin Yale 1" Roll Tabs for EX5100 Tabber

    Part number: EX5776

    • Brand: Martin Yale (Intimus)
    • Tab Size: 1"
    • Compatible With: EX5100 Tabber
    • Quantity: 1 Roll of 5000 Tabs

    List Price: $64.79

    Your Price: $40.29

    You Save: 38%

  8. Martin Yale 1624 Handheld Electric Letter Opener Image 1

    Part number: MY1624

    • Small enough to fit in a desk drawer or any briefcase
    • Lightweight machine opens an envelope in seconds
    • Automatically activates when envelope is inserted
    • Blades are fully enclosed to protect fingers

    List Price: $29.26

    Your Price: $15.01

    You Save: 49%

  9. Martin Yale J1811 Padding Press Image 1

    Part number: J1811

    • Simple operation makes it easy to handle most small padding jobs
    • Ideal for padding carbonless forms, note pads, and scratch pads
    • Wing screws tighten by hand - no tools necessary
    • Padding capacity is 5 3/4" high and 17 3/4" wide

    List Price: $252.42

    Your Price: $129.04

    You Save: 49%

  10. Martin Yale Paper Folder Roller Cleaner - 13oz Image 1

    Part number: MY200

    • Roller cleaner rejuvenates rollers for folders and bursters, and eliminates roller glaze
    • Roller cleaner also helps condition rollers for better performance and longer life
    • Packaged in a convenient aerosol can
    • Weight: 13oz

    List Price: $18.81

    Your Price: $11.03

    You Save: 41%

  11. Martin Yale P6200 Desktop Letter Paper Folding Machine Image 1

    Part number: P6200

    • Hand-fed machine folds 1 to 3 sheets in seconds
    • Creates a letter fold to fit a standard size business envelope
    • Folds up to 30 letters a minute, 1800 sheets per hour
    • For use with 8 1/2" x 11" paper, 20-24 lb. bond

    List Price: $289.47

    Your Price: $134.50

    You Save: 54%

  12. Martin Yale Paper Folder Static Eliminator - 14oz Image 1

    Part number: MY300

    • Static eliminator dissipates static electricity to make folding and other paper processing applications worry-free
    • Packaged in a convenient aerosol can
    • Martin Yale Model 300
    • Weight: 14oz

    List Price: $18.81

    Your Price: $11.03

    You Save: 41%

  13. Martin Yale 1632 Automatic Letter Opener Image 1

    Part number: MY1632

    • Automatically feeds and opens a stack of envelopes
    • Hands-free operation, just put envelopes into position and turn on
    • Operates at a speed of up to 7,000 envelopes per hour
    • Accepts a 1 3/4" tall stack of envelopes

    List Price: $572.66

    Your Price: $299.84

    You Save: 48%

  14. Martin Yale 400 Tabletop Jogger Image 1

    Part number: MY400

    • Helps eliminate static electricity and paper sticking, for easier processing
    • Great companion for high speed copiers, folding machines, printing presses, cutters and perforators
    • Jogs a ream of 8 1/2" x 11" or a half of a ream of 8 1/2" x 14"
    • Dimensions: 15.25" x 11.5" x 15.25"

    List Price: $864.22

    Your Price: $449.84

    You Save: 48%

  15. Premier P215X Polyboard 15 Inch Guillotine Paper Cutter Image 1

    Part number: P215X

    • Cut Length: 15"
    • Cut Type: Guillotine
    • Cut Capacity: 10 Sheets
    • Paper Clamp: No

    List Price: $78.38

    Your Price: $39.37

    You Save: 50%

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