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Padding Accessories

Make your press padding jobs run more smoothly and more efficiently with these padding accessories. The Lassco Wizer Separating Knife is perfect for separating pads for moving or stacking, and it's made with a carbon steel blade. Want to pick a certain amount of pads? Get the Lassco Wizer Adjustable Pad Counter, designed to offer an accurate method of picking up a specific amount of stock at a time. Need a quality adhesive for carbonless paper? The Clear Fan-A-Part is ideal for you! Order the products you need today to get them at a fantastic price!
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  1. Clear Fan-A-Part Padding Adhesive
    • Type: Fan-A-Part Padding Adhesive
    • Size: Quart (16oz) or 1 Gallon
    • Color: Clear
    • Compatible with: NCR and Mead brands
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    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    Clear Fan-A-Part Padding Adhesive - 16ozCHM-FAQ

    Your Price: $26.62

    Clear Fan-A-Part Padding Adhesive - 1 GallonCHM-FAG

    Your Price: $58.00

  2. Lassco Wizer Adjustable Pad Counter Image 1
    • Solid wood handle.
    • Chrome plated spade.
    • Quickly pick the perfect amount of paper each time.
    • Designed specifically to save you time and hassle.
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    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    Lassco Wizer 2" Adjustable Pad Counter - W172W172

    Your Price: $16.50

    Lassco Wizer 4" Adjustable Pad Counter - W172-BW172-B

    Your Price: $17.90

    Lassco Wizer 5" Adjustable Pad Counter - W172-CW172-C

    Your Price: $19.30

  3. W176 Padding Compound - W176 Image 1
    • White in color
    • Water soluble so material can be easily cleaned with plain water.
    • Quick drying and long lasting.
    • Volume: 1 Quart

    Your Price: $13.00

  4. Lassco Wizer Plastic Pile Separator
    • 6" long, 3/4" wide, 1-3/8" high
    • Longer taper than wooden wedges
    • Permits closer adjustment
    • Prevents messes, dripping, and folding under

    Your Price: $8.50

  5. Lassco Wizer W174 Pad Seperating Knife - W174 Image 1
    • Separates pads smoothly and easily.
    • Carbon steel blade with solid wood handle.
    • Smoothly fits between pads to separating them for easy stacking, moving, production, and more.
    • Part Number: W174

    Your Price: $12.00

  6. Lassco Wizer 2" Padding Brush
    • Type: Brush
    • Handle is made of durable wooden
    • Width is 2"
    • Part Number is W178

    Your Price: $2.20

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