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Adast Replacement Blades

Need a blade or knife for your Adast cutter? We carry replacement knives for the Maxima MS-115 and the Maxima 1898-3. We even have a high speed steel option for the MS115. These blades are designed to outlast and outperform blades from other manufacturers and are made specifically to fit your particular cutter. Take a look at the options, make sure that the dimensions and number of holes match and add one to your cart. If you aren't sure if you have found the right product please feel free to contact us and we can help you make sure before you order.
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  1. Adast Maxima 1898-3 MH 80/5 Replacement Blade Image 1
    • Material: Standard Inlay
    • Holes: 16
    • Length: 37.795"
    • Width: 5.512"

    Your Price: $435.00

  2. Adast Maxima MS-115 Replacement Blade Image 1
    • Material: Standard Inlay
    • Holes: 36
    • Length: 51.969"
    • Width: 5.906"

    Your Price: $750.00

  3. Adast Maxima MS-115 High Speed Steel Replacement Blade Image 1
    • Type of Blade: High Speed Steel
    • Dimensions (L x W x T): 51.969" x 5.906" x .472"
    • Holes/Slots: 36H
    • Hole Size: M12

    Your Price: $1,165.00

3 Item(s)
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