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Handheld Rotary Trimmers

Discover the easy way of cutting and trimming your materials, photos, and prints with these convenient Handheld Rotary Trimmers. Affordable and practical, these products will provide clean cuts and precision, every time. Looking for a simple trimmer with a straight blade and a capacity of 1-5 sheets? We have them here, at an incredible price! Need a trimmer that can match your creativity? Take a look at the Freestyle Mouse Trimmer, available with 12 blades that will suit your craft projects perfectly. Want a multifunctional product you can use on a variety of materials? The Olfa rotary cutters are ideal for you, and they can be used with both the right or the left hand!
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  1. Purple Cows Freestyle Mouse Trimmer - 6040 Image 1
    • Cut Length:
    • Cut Type: Rotary
    • Cut Capacity: 1 Sheet
    • Paper Clamp: No

    Was: $12.95

    Your Price: $11.65

    You Save: 10%

  2. Carl Handheld 5 Sheet Freeform Rotary Trimmer - CC-10 Image 1
    • Cutting Length (inches): No
    • Cut Type: Rotary
    • Cutting Capacity (# of sheets per pass): 5
    • Paper Clamp: No

    Was: $12.99

    Your Price: $7.43

    You Save: 43%

  3. OLFA RTY-2/G 45mm Straight Handle Rotary Cutter
    • Features a blade safety cover.
    • Handle is designed to reduce hand fatigue.
    • Cutter is a rolling razor blade used to cut a variety of materials into shapes, strips and pieces.
    • Accommodates both right- and left-handed users.

    Your Price: $20.99

  4. OLFA RTY-2DX 45mm Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter
    • Designed cushioned handle provides a comfortable grip
    • Features a dual-action safety lock
    • Closed for safety
    • Can be used right- or left handed

    Your Price: $31.49

  5. Swingline Handheld Rotary Trimmer - 8701
    • Convenient hand-held rotary trimmer
    • Cutting Length: 1.77" Diameter
    • Cut Capacity: 1 Sheet
    • Comes with a straight blade

    Was: $16.70

    Your Price: $10.09

    You Save: 40%

5 Item(s)
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