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Shred Bins

These Shred Bins will help you handle sensitive documents before and after they have been destroyed in your shredder. We carry a varied range of bins you can choose from, all listed below. From the HSM Ergonomic DuraFlex Shred Console Insert that offers a cost-effective way to store your documents, to the HSM Shredinator that has a lockable lid and fits under a desk, the portable HSM Carts, the ultra strong DuraFlex Console, or the elegant HSM Signature Series in Cherry, Maple, and Espresso, we have the right shred bin for your organization. Order it today to save money with MyBinding!
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  1. HSM Signature Series DuraFlex Shred Console Image 1
    • Anti-phishing paper deflector and self-closing lock ensure documents remain secure at all times.
    • Available in 3 attractive colors to complement your office decor.
    • Ergonomic Rigid Insert offers lightweight design and power grips on both ends to allow for easy emptying. Balanced grip allows for easier handling than traditional console bag.
    • Modular base protects carpets and console from damage, slides easily on car pet.
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    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    HSM Signature Series DuraFlex Shred Console - CherryHSM-36-DF-CH-23

    Your Price: $422.89

    HSM Signature Series DuraFlex Shred Console - MapleHSM-36-DF-MA-23

    Your Price: $422.89

    HSM Signature Series DuraFlex Shred Console - EspressoHSM-36-DF-ES-23

    Your Price: $422.89

  2. HSM Shredinator Shred Bin Image 1
    • Tamper proof lid for confidential disposal of documents
    • Lockable container fits under desk or tight spaces
    • Stops lazy tosses of confidential information
    • Design creates a 60lb high density stack of paper
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    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    HSM Shredinator 24" Shred BinHSM-24shredll-44-720D

    Your Price: $202.69

    HSM Shredinator 27" Shred BinHSM-27shredll-44-720D

    Your Price: $202.69

    HSM Shredinator 30" Shred BinHSM-30shredll-44-720D

    Your Price: $202.69

  3. HSM Shred Carts Image 1
    • Portable bulk shred bin for transporting sensitive documents to shredding machine
    • Capacity: 32 - 95 Gal.
    • Perfect for large offices
    • Color is Blue/Grey
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    HSM 32 Gallon Shred CartHSM-32G-I120L-64-LS-720D

    Your Price: $288.39

    HSM 64 Gallon Shred CartHSM-64G-I240L-64-LS-720D

    Your Price: $311.59

    HSM 95 Gallon Shred CartHSM-95G-I360L-64-LS-720D

    Your Price: $334.69

  4. HSM 36-DF-44-720D DuraFlex Shred Console
    • Ultra strong poly components that reinforce all the points where traditional consoles fail.
    • DuraFlex gives you the efficiency, durability and flexibility.
    • Available in custom colors
    • Environmentally friendly

    Your Price: $399.59

  5. hsm ergonomic duraflex shred console insert image -10
    • Shred console insert
    • Duraflex Shred Insert
    • Part Number is HSM-36-DF-23-Insert
    • Dimensions: 30" x 18.5" x 13.25"

    Was: $89.99

    Your Price: $84.79

    You Save: 6%

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