1.7mil PlatinumPET Matte DigiBOND Ultra Grip Laminating Film
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1.7mil PlatinumPET Matte DigiBOND Ultra Grip Laminating Film (CBDUG173000M-03)

Part #: CBDUG173000M-03
Brand: MyBinding
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  • Available in 14 different widths
  • 3000' roll length
  • Ultra-aggressive super stick adhesive
  • Compatible with all brands of toner, oils, and coatings
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Product Description

MyBinding 1.7mil matte digital ultra-grip laminating film is the ultimate film for use with digital prints. Specifically formulated with an ultra-aggressive super stick adhesive, this film is an excellent choice for use with Oce, Canon, Xerox, and most other digital production output devices. It is compatible with most toners, fuser oils and special coatings used today in the digital world. Other manufacturers refer to this type of film as Hi-Tac, super stick or simply just digital laminating film because of the aggressive adhesive it uses to adhere to your documents. Melting point is 230-250 F. Whatever you want to call it, this MyBinding 1.7mil matte digital ultra-grip is a premium quality film and an excellent choice for your hard to laminate documents. ** This film is custom slit and can take up to 3 days to ship, if you need the film faster than this please give us a call and we can try to help you meet your deadline. Matte digital ultra-grip films are also available in lengths up to 10,000 feet and on both 1" and 2.25" core sizes. If you need a size or length that you do not see here please call us for a quote.**

Product Details

  • Film Type: Digital Ultra Grip Laminating Film
  • Melting point: 230-250 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Thickness: 1.7 Mil
  • Roll Width: 4" - 62"
  • Roll Length: 3000'
  • Film Finish: Matte / Satin
  • Core Size: 3"

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Part NumberRoll WidthRoll LengthThicknessFilm Finish
CBDUG1743000M-034"3000'1.7 milMatte
CBDUG1763000M-036"3000'1.7 milMatte
CBDUG17953000M-039.5"3000'1.7 milMatte
CBDUG17123000M-0312"3000'1.7 milMatte
CBDUG17153000M-0315"3000'1.7 milMatte
CBDUG17183000M-0318"3000'1.7 milMatte
CBDUG17253000M-0325"3000'1.7 milMatte
CBDUG17273000M-0327"3000'1.7 milMatte
CBDUG17363000M-0336"3000'1.7 milMatte
CBDUG17383000M-0338"3000'1.7 milMatte
CBDUG17433000M-0343"3000'1.7 milMatte
CBDUG17513000M-0351"3000'1.7 milMatte
CBDUG17553000M-0355"3000'1.7 milMatte
CBDUG17623000M-0362"3000'1.7 milMatte

Questions & Answers

Thank you for your question. Matte film tend to show scratch marks less than glossy laminates will but it is not a anti-scratch film specifically. We do not have a thermal anti-scratch option but you can find the pressure sensitive option here . We would be able to reach out the manufacturer to request a sample, please reach out to our customer service team either through live chat,by e-mail at Sales@mybinding.com, or by phone at 1-800-944-4573 and we would be happy to coordinate with the manufacturer to get a sample out to you if they have one available for this product.

Answered by MyBinding
3 years and 7 months ago ago

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