Rhin-O-Tuff 7000W2 Ultra Duty Electric 2:1 Wire Binding System
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Rhin-O-Tuff Ultra Duty Electric 2:1 Wire Binding System (7000W2)

Part #: 7000W2
Brand: Rhin-O-Tuff
  • Quick change die system
  • Heavyweight metal construction
  • 40 Sheet punching capacity
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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  • 3 Year Warranty / 1 Year on Punching Die
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Product Description

The Rhin-O-Tuff 7000W2 is an ultra duty electric 2:1 wire binding system from Rhin-O-Tuff. The 7000W2 can easily punch up to 40 sheets of 20# paper. The 7000W2 ultra duty electric 2:1 wire binding system has everything you need to get up and running, except of course for your covers and wire, which you will probably want to custom order anyway. The ultra duty 7000W2 system contains the HD7000 ultima modular binding punch, a 2:1 square hole die ( .500 hole spacing - .250 square hole size), a 14" manual flat bar wire inserter and closer, and a modular mounting kit. Rhin-O-Tuff's 7000W2 ultra duty electric comb binding system is ideal for any project, large or small, in a mid to high volume commercial and/ or corporate use setting. Rhin-O-Tuff has thought of the future and designed of the 7000W2 is easily adaptable and upgradeable if the need arises. Part number 7000W2.

Product Details

  • 2:1 Wire Die with easy disengageable pins - Included
  • 14" manual flat bar wire inserter - Included
  • Attachment kit for mounting wire inserter on top of punch - Included
  • Automatic and Manual Reverse feature to reduce jamming in the punch
  • Punches up to 40 sheets of 20 lb paper
  • Rate of 25 cycles per minute
  • Auto and manual reverse clears most punching jams
  • Quick Change Die System with easy disengageable pins
  • Accu-Set adjustments on odd size paper
  • Efficient work environment with a standard foot pedal and optional versa switch
  • Extreme high capacity Waste Chip Tray with Clear View Access
  • Heavyweight metal construction
  • Made in the USA with more than 98% recyclable materials

Item Specifications

  • Model: HD7000 ONYX
  • Wire Die: 000912 2:1 Square .500 hole spacing - .250 square hole size
  • Wire Inserter : 8000 ONYX 14" manual flat bar wire inserter / closer.
  • Punch Capacity Up to 40 Sheets of 20 lb paper
  • Punch Length: 11" Punching Length with 14" Open Ended Extra Capacity Die
  • Fully Disengageable Pins:Yes
  • System Weight: 135 lbs
  • Total System Dimensions: 13 1/2" x 17" x 16 3/4" (H x W x D)
  • Warranty: Three Year Manufacturer Warranty (1 year on the punching die)

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