Artshield Satinex UV 3mil 41" x 300' Overlaminating Film
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Drytac Artshield Satinex UV 3mil 41" x 300' Overlaminating Film (SX41300PP)

Part #: SX41300PP
Brand: Drytac
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  • Film Finish: Semi-Gloss
  • Film Thickness: 3mil
  • Intial Tack: Low
  • Dwell Time: 2-6 minutes
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Product Description

This Artshield Satinex UV 41" x 300' Overlaminating Film is a 3mil Heatset PVC (vinyl) semi-gloss laminating film that provides excellent UV protection. The Artshield Satinex UV is perfect for enhancing posters, digital prints and photographs. This 41" x 300' Artshield Satinex UV can be applied in laminating fabrics, canvas, and raised surfaces such as leaves and dried flowers.

Product Details

  • Finish: Semi-Gloss PVC
  • Film Length: 300' (91m)
  • Film Width: 41" (1041mm)
  • Film Thickness: 3mil
  • Base Film: 2.0 mil (50 micron) PVC (vinyl)
  • Adhesive: 1.0 mil (25 micron) solvent acrylic
  • Release Liner: Moisture stable paper
  • Initial Tack: Low
  • Application Temperature: 185°F-210°F (85°C-99°C)
  • Dwell Time: 2-6 minutes
  • Application: Fine Art Prints, Picture Framing/Photography, Plaque Mounting
  • Part Number: SX41300PP

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Technical Data

Artshield Satinex is a 2 mil (50µ) UV stabilized, pre-perforated clear PVC laminating film with a semi-gloss finish, coated on one side with a heat activated solvent acrylic adhesive that is protected by a moisture stable bleached Kraft gridded release paper coated on one side with siliconized PE.

Typical Applications
  • Enhances posters, digital prints and photographs.
  • Ideal for laminating fabrics and canvas, and protecting raised surfaces, such as leaves and dried flowers.

Product Structure

FilmSemi-Gloss Perforated PVC
AdhesiveSolvent Acrylic (Heat Activated)
Release Liner1 Side PE Coated Bleached Kraft Grid Paper (Moisture Stable)

Physical Characteristics

Film Thickness2 mil (50µ)
Adhesive Layer1 mil (25µ)
Film/Adhesive Ratio2:1
UV Protection FactorFilm contains UV stabilizers, which prevent film degradation and provide UV protection to the underlying image
Outdoor DurabilityNot Applicable
Service Temperature Range-4°F to 203°F (-20°C to 95°C)
Peel Strength (20 min, FTM1)18 N/25mm
Shelf LifeUse within 1 year after opening original box
Storage Conditions59°F to 72°F (15°C to 22°C); 50 - 55% Relative Humidity

Process Settings

Equipment TypeTemperatureDwell Time
Roller LaminatorNot recommended
Press185°F to 210°F (85°C to 99°C)2-6 minutes

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