Keencut Excalibur 3S 63" Vertical Multi-Substrate Cutter - 60373
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Keencut Excalibur 3S 63" Vertical Multi-Substrate Cutter (60373)

Part #: 60373
Brand: Keencut
  • Perfect for Cutting Aluminum Composite, Acrylic, Corrugated Plastic, Foam, Gatorboard, PVC Board and more
  • Maximum Cut Size: 63"
  • All blades cut on the same line.
  • No wasted panels no mistakes guessing where the cut line is.
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  • 5 Year Warranty / 20 Years on Bearing
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Product Description

The Keencut Excalibur 3S 63" Vertical Multi-Substrate Cutter provides most of the cutting capabilities of the SteelTrak cutters at an economical price. It is featured with new self-lubricating bearings, included on both cutting heads, that can handle harder substrates such as Aluminum Composite, PVC, foam board and other rigid substrates used by sign makers. The Keencut Excalibur 3S cuts materials up to 13mm (1/2") thick and up to 63" long. Operators can quickly access all 3 cutting tools (composite twin wheel cutting head, standard utility blade, and scoring blade for acrylic) as they are attached to the cutting head. Plus, all the blades of Keencut Excalibur 3S cut on the same line, leaving no wasted panels and making sure that no mistakes guessing where the cut line is. If you are looking for an affordable and best-value vertical substrate cutter, then the Keencut Excalibur 3S is the perfect match for you.

Product Details

  • Operators can quickly access all 3 cutting tools as they are attached to the cutting head:
    • Composite twin wheel cutting head
    • Standard utility blade
    • Scoring blade for acrylic
  • No wasted panels no mistakes guessing where the cut line is.
  • Fitted counterbalance saves time and operator fatigue - placing the cutting head in any position without it dropping to the bottom.
  • Perfect for Cutting:
    • Aluminum Composite (up to 3mm)
    • Acrylic (score & snap up to 1/4")
    • Corrugated plastic
    • Foam board
    • Gatorboard
    • Honeycomb board
    • PVC board
    • And more...
  • All cutters mounted on machine. No sharp blade holders to remove, store and replace, everything fitted to the machine and ready to go.
  • Instantly switch tool. It takes no more than 2 seconds to select any of the cutting tools.
  • Anodised aluminum construction. High grade European extrusions made to Keencut's specification, designed for the purpose. Pressure sensitive clamp.
  • All blades cut down the same line. Believe it or not...some machines cannot do this!
  • Pressure sensitive clamp. The Keencut vertical cutter clamping system is unsurpassed it operates perpendicular to the material face and applies the righ amount of pressure to grip ACP or lightweight foam centred board.
  • Sightline strip. Clear and true cut-line indicator down the whole length of the cutter, no fussy laser to set up and calibrate.
  • Telescopic legs. Set the machine height to suit the user and the workshop environment.
  • Single piece squaring arm. Manufactured from one piece of high grade aluminium extrusion for perfect horizontaĆ­ aĆ­ignment.
  • Anti-slip safety made lock. Cutting blade locked in place even if it is not fully clamped in the holder.
  • Acrylic Scoring blade. Uses inexpensive standard utility blade for scoring acrylic up to 6mm thick.
  • Blade supports. Adjustable steel supports allow maximum blade control particularly for thinner tough materials.
  • Vertical measuring scale. For the tonveniently measuring the height of the board on the machine.
  • Left and Right hand measuring stops. Quick set production stops for accurate fast one-off and production cutting.
  • 13mm (1/2") blade cutting capacity. Cuts materials up to 13mm (1/2") thitk (see material cutting chart).
  • Auto blade disengagement. When using the lower cutting blade and scoring blade the cutting head. automatically disengages ready for the next cut.
  • Counter balance. The counter-weight balantes the weight of the cutting head for easy strain free use.
  • Silicon grip cords under clam. Non-marking to grip and protect delicate surfaces.
  • Precision squaring adjuster. Perma-lock squaring adjustment for setting precisely at 90 degrees.
  • Floor mounted. A-frame construction mounted on the floor, with safety wall fixing at the top. Weight of machine, material and cutting forces go down through the floor.
  • Minimal maintenance. Incorporates sealed self-lub bearings. No special skills required for maintenance.

Item Specifications

  • Maximum Cut Size: 63"
  • Overall Size: 96" H x 84" W x 12-16" D
  • Warranty:
    • 5-year general warranty on all parts (except blades, clamping strips and cutting wheels)
    • 20-year warranty on the bearings used in the cutting head
  • Part Number: 60373

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Outstanding Features

Turn & Lock ready tools.

Utility blade & Scoring blade cut on the same line.

Twin-wheel cutting system.

Slice through aluminum composite material without
noise or dust in one pass.

Full length extra-grip clamping system.

Clear sight-line strip accurately indicates the cut line.

Telescopic legs adjust for optimal height.

Two Flip Stops make cutting to size easy.

Maximum cut size: 63"

Includes wall mounting bracket. Optional free standing kit available.

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