Paitec ES2500 Desktop Low-Volume Pressure Sealer
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Paitec Desktop Low-Volume Pressure Sealer (ES2500)

Part #: ES2500
Brand: Paitec
  • Perfect Sealing Quality and Low Noise Level
  • Compact and Dynamic Design
  • Excellent Folding Quality
  • Angled Seal Technology.
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Product Description

Consider an economical and greener way to mail with Paitec ES2500 Pressure Sealer. This machine eliminates the need for envelopes by automatically sealing documents. Pressure sealers process single sheet self-mailers such as Paychecks, Invoices and Statements, Tax Forms, Utility Bills, Expiration & Renewal Notices, Promotional Coupons, Event Invitations, Sale Notifications, Medical Results, Grade Reports, and ID cards. With a capacity to process up to 3,000 forms per hour, it is the perfect convenience machine for low volume needs. The superior sealing capability and excellent folding capacity makes this sealer the most advanced in pressure sealing technology in the market. Lightweight, compact, and quiet, this machine will be a perfect addition to any office or industry that regularly sends out mail. Get Paitec ES2500 Pressure Sealer because envelopes are a thing of a past!

Product Details

  • Perfect Sealing Quality Easy.
  • Easy To Maintain.
  • Low Noise Level.
  • Angled Seal Technology.
  • Convenient Item Counter.
  • Perfect for Processing:
    • Paychecks
    • Invoices and Statements
    • Tax Forms
    • Utility Bills
    • Expiration & Renewal Notices
    • Promotional Coupons
    • Event Invitations
    • Sale Notifications
    • Medical Results
    • Grade Reports
    • ID cards
  • Perfect Sealing Quality & Low Noise Level. The ES2500 offers the most advanced pressure sealing technology with lightweight, excellent sealing quality and extremely low noise levels.
  • Angled Seal Technology. Innovative and exclusive angled seal technology provides superior sealing capabilities.
  • Excellent Folding Quality. Crisp folding quality, even with plain paper, based on our advanced angle seal technology.
  • Compact & Dynamic Design. Advanced technology sealing system allows for compact design which saves valuable workspace.

Item Specifications

  • Speed: 3,000 Forms Per Hour. Perfect For Low Volumes
  • Input Tray: Up To 70 28# Pressure Seal Forms
  • Duty Cycle: Up To 15,000 Forms Per Month. Hundreds Per Day.
  • Fold Setting: 11" Z, V, C; 14" Z, V, EZ
  • Form Sizes: Depth - Up to 14” / Width - Up to 9”
  • Noise Level: Less than 45 db
  • Weight: 48 Lbs.
  • Dimensions: 13 x 15 x 11 in. (W x L x H)

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