Refurbished Keencut 42" Advanced Rotary Cutter (ARC) - ARC107
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Keencut Refurbished 42" Advanced Rotary Cutter (ARC) - ARC107 (R4ROTOTR42)

Part #: R4ROTOTR42
Brand: Keencut
  • Guaranteed 1.0mm straightness over the full length of the cut
  • Specifically designed for cutting paper and film
  • Precision scissor cutting action for a professional finish on delicate materials
  • Unobstructed view of cut line
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Product Description

The Keencut Advanced Rotary Cutter (ARC) features a unique sub-surface monorail bearing system and twin cutting wheels to make perfect cuts for any type of business, especially sign and print shops and others in the graphics industry. The Keencut Advanced Rotary Cutter features no overhead guide mechanism to obscure the cut line, two tungsten cutting wheels for ultimate performance, two clamp rollers for safe and secure material holding, and much more. The Advanced Rotary Cutter is capable of cutting the thinnest of materials such as cardboard, tissue, film, paper, and more to take care of all of your cutting needs. If your business needs a reliable, unrivaled rotary cutting trimmer, check out the Keencut Advanced Rotary Cutter on and save now. This product is currently only available to our customers in the United States of America. If you are located internationally, you will need to contact a local dealer to purchase this particular product.
Please Note: This is a refurbished model . This item has been inspected by our service technician and is functioning like new.

Product Details

  • Keencut cutters are the most accurate on the market
  • Guaranteed 1.0mm straightness over the full length of the cut
  • Specifically designed for cutting paper and film
  • Precision scissor cutting action for a professional finish on delicate materials
  • Unobstructed view of cut line
  • Maximum clamping for material stability
  • Safety by design
  • Simple and instinctive operation
  • Calibrated for immediate ‘out of the box’ accuracy
  • Manufactured and finished with premium quality materials
  • Guaranteed for 5 years

Outstanding Features

Straight accurate cutting

The superior construction guarantees that the cut is consistent over the entire length of the material, there are no bows or buckles in the middle. The robust aluminium baseplate with integral metric parallel grooves, provides a stable cutting platform. Two integral roller clamps ensure secure clamping during cutting.

Two way cutting

The Technic ARC has dual cutting wheels to provide the flexibility of cutting in both directions. High grade blades, made from hardened tool steel, guarantee the sharpness required for perfect cutting.

Clear view of cutting line

The unique monorail bearing system, positioned underneath the surface of the baseboard, means that there is no overhead guide rail to obscure the cut line.

Unobtrusive design

With no overhead guide rail, the Technic ARC has a flat unobtrusive design that will not get in the way of other work. It can fit neatly onto the work surface or be positioned on an optional dedicated stand.

Safety by design

The advanced monorail design eliminates the instability of overhead rail cutters and the potential risk of standard paper guillotines. The Technic ARC will not distort even under heavy pressure.


The Technic ARC can be placed directly on your work surface or fitted to a purpose-built stand or stand pack.

Five year guarantee

By manufacturing in-house, with only the highest quality materials, Keencut can guarantee that the Technic ARC will provide reliable long-lasting and accurate service. All Keencut products are offered with a comprehensive five year guarantee.

In the box

The Technic ARC works straight from the box. It does not need any additional blades or fittings.

Item Specifications

  • Materials cut:
    • Semi-rigid materials
      • Cardboard ≤ 1mm (0.004")
      • Mountboard ≤ 1mm (0.004")
    • Flexible materials
      • Paper
      • Tissue paper
      • Film
      • Self-adhesive vinyls
  • Dimensions:
    • Cut Length cm ("): 106cm (42")
    • A cm ("): 133cm (52.5")
    • B cm ("): 43.5cm (17")
    • Packed Weight: 11kg (24lbs)
    • Packed Dimensions cm ("): 141 x 50 x 11cm (55 x 20 x 4")
  • Warranty: 5 year Comprehensive Guarantee
  • Old Part Number: 60606
  • New Part Number: ARC107

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