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Akiles WireMac 3:1 Manual Double Loop Wire Binding Machine
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Akiles WireMac 3:1 Manual Double Loop Wire Binding Machine

Akiles WireMac 3:1 Manual Double Loop Wire Binding Machine

Part #: Wiremac31
7 Questions, 7 Answers
Brand: Akiles

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Main Features:
  • Punch Capacity: 20 Sheets
  • Bind Length: 14"
  • Bind Capacity: 120 Sheets
  • Disengageable Dies: Yes

ProductAkiles WireMac 3:1 Manual Double Loop Wire Binding Machine (Wiremac31)

The Akiles WireMac Manual Twin Loop Wire Binding Machine renders efficiency and productivity. Its full range of functions and state of the art mechanisms were especially designed with one goal in mind: to fully meet the needs of the wire binding industry! Its great features and excellent design make the Akiles WireMac Manual Binding Machine the most popular wire binding machine on the market. The Akiles WireMac available in both a 3:1 pitch and a 2:1 pitch configurations includes all metal construction, fully disengageable dies, a convenient wire hanger and a sturdy wire closer. The Akiles WireMac Binding Machine is truly built to last.

Product Details

  • Heavy-Duty Design
  • 20 sheets single punching capacity (20 lbs paper).
  • Available in 3:1 or 2:1 Pitch Configurations
  • 14" width punching capacity with open sides for even wider documents.
  • All dies can be independently disengaged, to allow the punching of any size document while preventing partial side-end perforation.
  • Closing capacity: WireMac-31: From 3/16" to 9/16" / WireMac-21: From 5/8" to 1 1/4"
  • All metal construction.


  • Model: WireMac-31 / WireMac-21
  • Pitch: 3:1 / 2:1
  • Punching Length: 14" (40 dies) / 14" (27 dies)
  • Disengaging Dies: All 40 / All 27
  • Hole Punch: Square (0.157" x 0.157") / Rectangular (0.157" x 0.217")
  • Binding Thickness: From 3/16" to 9/16" / From 5/8" to 1-1/4"
  • Single Punching Capacity: Up to 20 sheets (20 lbs)
  • Closer Selector: Included
  • Closing Mechanism: Vertical
  • Master Selector: Included
  • Metal Wire Snatch: Included
  • Wire Diameter Scale: Included
  • Side Margins Control: Included
  • Punching Margin Control: Included
  • Weight / Volume: 45 lbs / 2.55 CbFt
  • Warranty: 1 year


13 Review(s)
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Reviewed on 1/23/2018

Very good for punching Review by Bruce

Very good for punching 15 pages at a time.
I use a seperate closer.

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Reviewed on 12/5/2017

love it!! Review by Stevie

love it!!

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Reviewed on 8/31/2017

Easy to use Review by Rachael

Right out of the box this is very easy to use. The closing mechanism takes a little getting used to but overall I'm quite impressed for the cost.

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Reviewed on 8/16/2017

Good overall Review by Anne

Machine seems well made and sturdy. Disengageable dies are very helpful. I like the fact that there are 2 handles, separated for punching and closing the wires. Machine tends to make some noise when punching more than 5 pages or so...and the biggest drawback is the wire snatch that holds the wire - poorly designed, very difficult to keep pages on it when moving it to bind the pages.

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Reviewed on 6/13/2017

Great binding machine Review by Diana

Very sturdy, quality made, easier binding than our last machine. Thanks!

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Reviewed on 4/24/2017

A bomber wire binder Review by Seth F.

There are many cheap choices out there; however this is worth the money if you bind frequently or in a hurry. The handles are long so there's lots of leverage. The punching is clean and easy for lots of sheets. The only improvement would be using a toothed binding holder for sliding the sheets onto the wire. The spring clamp down doesn't hold the binding in precision so you need to carefully get the first sheets started. Other high end binders by Akiles have a toothed binder holder that keeps them in perfect alignment.

image alt text

Reviewed on 3/14/2017

Our office surely likes this machine. It saves a lot of time and money since we don't need to run to Kinkos to have the same jobs done anymore. We won a couple of big contracts with the super clean and professional looking reports. Highly recommended.

image alt text

Reviewed on 1/6/2017

Great so far! Review by Meghan M

Our Marketing Department has been happy with this purchase thus far. And I can only thank MyBinding for their patience and guidance in helping to select a machine for us. Excellent customer service.

image alt text

Reviewed on 12/7/2016

Works well Review by Josh

I am torn between 4 and 5 stars. The machine is built very well. It is very sturdy and the edge guide stays straight and locks in place nicely. It's packed full of features and can punch pages larger than normal since it has an open throat design. There are two flaws that I have noticed. The wire holder does not work well. Most of the times I actually use it my wire falls off as I try to remove the project from the holder. It's honestly easier to set it on the table and insert my pages rather than use the holder. It's pretty cool that it does have wire measurements on it though. The second annoyance is in punching. The punch pins stick to my pages if I punch anything over 7 pages. I thought about oiling them, but I'm a little worried that would then get oil on my paper, so I figure that is not a good idea. So I have to push the lever back up to get the pins out. I am punching photo paper, so maybe results will vary. That being said, with all the features packed into this machine and a decent price, I'll work with those flaws.

image alt text

Reviewed on 3/24/2016

Machine works well Review by Kathy M.

I would recommend this machine. It is working great for me for binding the journals that I create. Also, the video was a big help in learning how to operate it. I also appreciate the great customer service I am experiencing in working with

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Transcript: Welcome to MyBinding video. Let's have a look at the WireMac 31, a manual 3:1 pitch double loop wire binding system by Akiles. A punch and a bind, it's all here for great binding. First, set the side margin control knob so that all punches are consistent throughout your project. Pull out or disengage any of the die pins so you get no half holes. According to the size or thickness of your book, you may want to adjust the depth of margin control. The larger the book may require the larger the margin. If all settings are correct, let's begin with the project. Starting with the covers, punch all t... Read More
Welcome to MyBinding video. Let's have a look at the WireMac 31, a manual 3:1 pitch double loop wire binding system by Akiles. A punch and a bind, it's all here for great binding. First, set the side margin control knob so that all punches are consistent throughout your project. Pull out or disengage any of the die pins so you get no half holes. According to the size or thickness of your book, you may want to adjust the depth of margin control. The larger the book may require the larger the margin. If all settings are correct, let's begin with the project. Starting with the covers, punch all the way through your entire project, making consistent punches using all of your settings. The C31 can handle up to 20 sheets of 20lb paper per punch. With the punching through, gather your project together; it's time to bind. Once you've selected your spine, press here on this plate. It opens up and holds the wire in place. Before you thread your project onto the spine, if you take the back cover and flip it around to face the front, then in the end the seam will be hidden. Drape it over all the teeth, make sure they all go through. Remove your project. And now for the closing. Make the adjustment on the top knob. Match it up with the size spine you're using. With the ?C" shape opening of the spine, place it all the way into the closer and pull the lever down until it stops. Then, in the back, you've got the seam hidden between the back cover and the back page and a great looking book. All the punched chips fall into the chip tray below, easy disposal. And that's it, that's the WireMac C31. For more demos, reviews, and how tos on this product and many more, check out


Akiles WireMac M Manual Double Loop Wire Binding Machine Review


  • The Akiles Wiremac M is one of the most popular double loop wire binding machines available on the market.
  • This machine is available with either a 2:1 pitch punching pattern or a 3:1 pitch punching pattern. You will need to choose the model that best fits your binding needs.
  • Both models include a number of great features including a heavy duty wire closer, sturdy metal construction, a wire holder to help you hang your documents, and fully disengageable dies.
  • These features make the Wiremac M perfect for the small to medium sized company that wants to bind their own documents using

Strengths / Features:

  • The Akiles Wiremac M is available with your choice of either a 2:1 pitch (2 holes per inch) or 3:1 pitch (3 holes per inch) punching pattern. The 3:1 pitch hole pattern is designed for use with twin loop wire spines from 3/16″ up to 9/16″ and can also be used with GBC Proclick and 3:1 pitch spiral coil spines. The 2:1 pitch punch can be used with wires from 5/8″ up to 1-1/4″ and can also be used with special 2:1 pitch small sized wire. Depending on the size of your documents that you want to bind, you will need to select the hole pattern that best fits your need when you purchase the Wiremac M.
  • The WireMac M includes a legal sized punching throat and fully disengageable dies. This means that this machine can be used to punch letter size, legal size, half letter, A4 and any custom sized documents less than fourteen inches in length. It also has an open throat for punching longer documents using a two step punch process.
  • Both versions of the Wiremac M have a heavy duty wire closer that is designed to take the “C” shaped wire spines and close them so that they are round. The wire closer on the Akiles Wiremac is controlled by a convenient knob located on the top of the machine and is made from heavy duty steel components. This helps to ensure that the wire closer will close documents consistently even after years of use.
  • The WireMac has a clamp style wire holder on the front of the machine. This is designed to hold the binding spine in place while you hang the pages on it.
  • The Akiles Wiremac has a manual punching mechanism that is capable of punching up to 20 sheets of 20lb paper per lift. This is a fairly good punching capacity for a machine of this type and price range.

Weaknesses / Limitations:

  • Although the WireMac has a decent punching capacity, it is still a manual punch. Users who need to bind large volumes of documents or need to bind large documents quickly should really consider an electric punch to improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Although the wire holder on the front of this machine is better than having no holding device, wire binding machines with hooks to hang the wires on tend to be easier to use. The hooks help to prevent the wire from becoming deformed during the inserting process. Learning how to use the clamp style Wiremac can be a little bit tricky.
  • As was mentioned above, you need to choose either a 2:1 or a 3:1 pitch hole pattern when you buy this machine. The choice that you make will limit the supplies that you are able to use. Many organizations can settle on one machine or the other. However, users who need the flexibility to bind multiple sized presentations and reports may want to look at a machine that can produce both hole patterns such as the Wiremac Duo Combo.


  • The Akiles Wiremac manual combo is an ideal choice for small and medium sized organizations that need to bind a few documents on a daily basis.
  • It offers a high quality manual punch, heavy duty metal construction, a durable wire closer and fully disengageable dies. All of these are features that are essential in a high quality wire binding system.
  • However, users who need to bind large numbers of documents or who need to bind a wide variety of document thicknesses may want to consider either an electric binding machine or a machine that can punch both 2:1 and 3:1 pitch hole patterns.

This review was written by Jeff McRitchie who is the director of marketing for Jeff has written more than three hundred articles and more than two hundred reviews on Binding Machines, Binding Supplies, Report Covers, 3-Ring Binders, Index Tabs, Laminators, Laminating Supplies, Paper Shredders and Paper Handling Equipment.

Questions & Answers
Does this machine come with the wire spines or is that something I need to buy seperatly?
Asked by laura schoenbaum
Thank you for your question. The Akiles WireMac 3:1 Manual Combo Double Loop Wire Binding Machine does not come with any binding spines. You can our selection of Twin Loop Wire here . Be sure to select the 3:1 wire, the 2:1 wire will not work with this version of the Wiremac.

Answered by MyBinding 1 years and 7 months ago ago
Trying to find which machine to get. I am using old book covers and paper bind them and make a journal. I like the double wire spine . So I need to punch, bind, and close up the wire. I also prefer the square punch. Any suggestions
Asked by Rachel kaufman
Thank you for your question. The Akiles Wiremacs would be a good fit for that job. Twin loop wire by default have a square hole. With twin loop wire there are 2 pitches ( hole spacing) if your books are going to be larger than 120 sheets of 20# paper ( approx. 7/16" over all thickness) you will need to go with the 2:1 option. The supplies are not compatible and 3:1 tops at a 9/16 diameter spine.

Answered by MyBding 1 years and 7 months ago ago
Once a year, I have a book that is over 9/16 of an inch. I am unable to locate spines big enough to do this book, so I have been taking it to a professional binder. Is there a way I can do this with my machine?
Asked by Kris
Thank you for your question. Unfortunately the 3:1 pitch wire binding machines do not have spines available larger than 9/16. To accomplish this you would need a machine to punch 2:1 pitch (21 holes) You can find those here. You can find the supplies, here.

Answered by MyBinding 2 years and 4 months ago ago
How do I adjust the Depth Margin control knob on the WireMac 21? I can't seem to get it to turn.
Asked by Susan Elmore
Thank you for your question. On the Akiles WireMac the depth of margin control is a knob on the right side of the machine. You should be able to twist the knob through the stops to narrow or widen the margin between the holes and the edge of the page. If thou are not able to adjust it you first step would be to contact Akiles technical support, their phone # is (800) 453-3997.

Answered by MyBinding 2 years and 10 months ago ago
wire closer mechanism on our WireMac31 seems slightly bowed out in the middle, so wire bindings crimp unevenly -- looser toward the middle of the document, tighter toward either end. Suggestions?? Is the press-bar piece replaceable at a reasonable cost?
Asked by todd
The pressure bar that closes the wire is a replaceable part. We do not stock parts but we can order one for you directly from Akiles. Give us a call at 1-800-944-4573 and our Customer service department can help you get one ordered.

Answered by 3 years and 3 months ago ago
Will these holes accommodate ProClick spines?
Asked by Mia O.
A number of our customers use proclick spines with their 3:1 pitch wire punches. It works fine but the holes are a little bit smaller than the normal ProClick pattern making it slightly harder to insert the pages. If you already have the machine or need to do wire binding as well it is a decent option. If you are looking to primarily bind documents with ProClick I would suggest getting a ProClick specific machine.

Answered by 3 years and 4 months ago ago
I have a 2:1 machine also. Can I use this machine to close my 2:1 wire?
Asked by Seth S.
Yes the wire closer on this machine will close both 3:1 pitch and 2:1 pitch wire. However, this is not a common question for us due to the fact that most/all 2:1 pitch machines on the market have a wire closer with them as well.

Answered by 3 years and 4 months ago ago
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