Product listing: Quartet Classic 2' x 1.5' Melamine White Board with Black Frame (QRT-S531B) to Quartet Apollo Plain Paper Copier Transparency Film Without Stripe (APO-PP100CE)

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  1. Quartet Classic 2' x 1.5' Melamine White Board with Black Frame (QRT-S531B), Quartet brand

    • Dependable, melamine whiteboard has a smooth writing surface
    • Best for light use in personal or low traffic environments
    • Black finish, aluminum frame complements virtually any décor
    • Whiteboard can be mounted vertically or horizontally with included mounting hardware
    • 24"W x 18"H
    Part #: QRT-S531B


  2. Quartet Characters for Plastic Letter Boards (QRT-F), Quartet brand

    • Attractive white plastic pin-style characters fit easily into Quartet plastic letter board surfaces for easy-to-update displays
    • Characters are Helvetica font for clear readability
    • Set includes 144 letters, numbers and symbols
    • Size: 1" or 1/2"
    • Available in 1/2" and 1"
    Part #: QRT-F


  3. Quartet Casters for Reversible Hardwood Frame Boards (QRT-9500), Quartet brand

    • Easy mobility casters/wheels for use with reversible easels
    • 2" size
    • Two casters are lockable to provide reliable stability
    • 1 set includes four casters
    • Size: 2"
    Part #: QRT-9500


  4. Quartet Carrying Case for 773630 Table Top Display (QRT-156366), Quartet brand

    • Carrying case makes taking tabletop display boards on the go more convenient
    • Durable, black canvas material keeps boards safe and clean
    • Features a secure zipper closure, carrying handle and adjustable shoulder strap
    • For use with Quartet® Tabletop Display Board (773630)
    • 30.5" x 18.5" x 3"
    Part #: QRT-156366


  5. Quartet Bulletin Bar II with Black Plastic Frame (QRT-23-1), Quartet brand

    • Durable natural-cork bulletin bar with ebony plastic frame holds documents and displays tightly in placSelf-healing surface delivers effective display performance
    • Includes easy-to-mount hardware and push pins
    • Rounded-corner ebony frame blends into any office environment
    • Available in 2 different sizes
    • 12" and 18" sizes available
    Part #: QRT-23-1


  6. Quartet Bubble Magnets with Printed To Do/Functional Text 8pk (QRT-48118), Quartet brand

    • Helps you stay organized Assorted designs and colors
    • Each magnet reads one of the following: "To Buy" "To File" "To Store" "To Send" "To Call" "To Remind" "Misc" "To Do"
    • Total of 8 magnets
    • Assorted designs and colors
    • Each magnet reads one of the following: "To Buy" "To File" "To Store" "To Send" "To Call" "To Remind" "Misc" "To Do"
    Part #: QRT-48118


  7. Quartet Bubble Magnets with Printed Days Of The Week Text 9pk (QRT-79223), Quartet brand

    • Bubble magnets come in assorted designs.
    • Hang papers from any metal surface including magnetic dry-erase boards.
    • Each magnet displays a day of the week.
    • 9 pack includes 7 days and 2 extra magnets
    • Bubble Magnets cling to most metal surfaces
    Part #: QRT-79223


  8. Quartet Bronze Finish Steel Tripod Easel (QRT-21E), Quartet brand

    • Sturdy 72" steel tripod easel supports up to 8' x 4' displays and folds for easy storage and transport
    • Specially designed 29" x 40" Quartet® Attachable Whiteboard (21E-7, sold separately) attaches to easel with easy-to-use brackets
    • Stylish bronze finish complements any contemporary environment
    • Includes adjustable flipchart pad retainer and 10" marker tray
    • Sturdy tripod base increases stability, prevents skidding and protects floors against scratches
    Part #: QRT-21E


  9. Quartet Black Signware Pedestal Sign (QRT-3655), Quartet brand

    • Lightweight yet sturdy pedestal sign stands 52" tall and features a 14"W x 11"H posting surface
    • Ideal for use in high traffic environments
    • Black, double-sided sign draws attention of people traveling in either direction
    • Includes 12 pre-printed signs: Meeting in Progress; Welcome Please Register; Authorized Personnel Only; Please Watch Your Step; Caution Wet Floor; Smoking In Designated Areas Only; Smoking Permitted In This Area Only; No Smoking; Please Order Here; Please Wait To Be Seated; Please Seat Yourself; Section Closed
    • Blank panel is also included to allow for customized signage
    Part #: QRT-3655


  10. Quartet Black Plastic Hangers 12pk (QRT-20801), Quartet brand

    • Durable, black plastic hangers
    • Create a coordinated system for coat storage to maintain office organization
    • 12 hangers per set
    • Durable black plastic hangers guarantee a coordinated hanging system in any contemporary office interior
    • 12 elegant, upscale hangers per set
    Part #: QRT-20801


  11. Quartet Black Plastic Covered Cubicle Partition Hangers (QRT-7502), Quartet brand

    • Partition hangers easily attach whiteboards and bulletin boards to cubicle walls
    • Fits cube walls from 1.5" – 3" thick
    • Compatible for use with the following aluminum frame whiteboards and bulletin boards
    • Contour melamine whiteboards, Envi whiteboards and calendars and Educational Total Erase whiteboards
    • Contour fabric bulletin boards, Oval Office™ fabric bulletin boards, Envi cork bulletin boards, Educational cork bulletin boards and Educational vinyl bulletin boards
    Part #: QRT-7502


  12. Quartet Black One Shelf Garment Rack (QRT-2021), Quartet brand

    • Single-sided freestanding hanging solution with top shelf keeps coats and garments neatly organized in meeting rooms or conference areas
    • Holds up to 12 hangers on evenly indexed rail
    • Perforated top shelf provides additional storage
    • Achieve stability on uneven floors with included levelers
    • Modern black finish with attractive, durable features complements any environment
    Part #: QRT-2021


  13. Quartet Black Magnetic Mini Document Holder/Mail Organizer (3.25" x 3.5") 1pk (QRT-34812BK), Quartet brand

    • Mini mail organizer keeps all mail neatly in one location.
    • Magnetic backing allows you to attach organizer to magnetic whiteboard or any other metal surface.
    • 3.25" x 3.5" x 0.714".
    • Color: Black
    • Mini mail organizer keeps all mail neatly in one location.
    Part #: QRT-34812BK


  14. Quartet Black Instant Easel (QRT-29E), Quartet brand

    • Compact, 63" portable easel weighs only 3 lbs.
    • Creates an instant display stand to support up to 5 lbs. display weight
    • Collapses down to 15" folded size for easy travel and storage
    • Black, tripod frame matches any interior
    • 1 year warranty
    Part #: QRT-29E


  15. Quartet Black High Duramax Presentation Easel (QRT-BHDPE), Quartet brand

    • Best-selling 72" lightweight easel with durable plastic construction resists damage
    • Heavy use - perfect for office and meeting rooms
    • Spring-loaded flipchart retainer securely holds large flipchart pads in place
    • Pedestal base collapses into easel body for easy stacking and storing
    • Molded handgrips for effortless transport. Carrying case (100EC) sold separately.
    Part #: QRT-BHDPE


  16. Quartet Black Heavy Duty Shelf Rack (QRT-2040), Quartet brand

    • Durable garment shelf rack with evenly indexed hanger rail secures to any wall to keep garments separate and neatly organized
    • Perforated shelf above the rack adds additional storage
    • Fits 12 hangers
    • Attractive black steel complements any environment
    • Pair with Quartet hangers (20803) for complete garment storage
    Part #: QRT-2040


  17. Quartet Black Heavy Duty Instant Easel (QRT-27E), Quartet brand

    • Lightweight 63" easel creates an instant display stand
    • Supports up to 10 lbs. of display weight and collapses to 25" folded traveling size
    • Black, tripod frame is thin yet sturdy
    • Adjustable display holders lock into place for customized display height
    • Folds neatly into any traveling case to maximize portability
    Part #: QRT-27E


  18. Quartet Black Frame Combination Board (QRT-S56), Quartet brand

    • Durable dual-surface combination board with smooth writing surface and self-healing cork bulletin board
    • Delivers effective performance when planning and organization is needed in low-use personal environments
    • Self-healing cork surface hides pin holes and blemishes
    • Hang photos or messages on cork with pins
    • Extend surface life with regular cleanings using Quartet cleaning solutions
    Part #: QRT-S56


  19. Quartet Black Display Easel Carrying Case (QRT-156355), Quartet brand

    • Durable carrying case makes it easy to transport and store a variety of popular Quartet easels (50E, 51E, 55E, 56E and 41E easels)
    • Nylon material is water and stain resistant
    • Features heavy-duty zipper, reinforced handle and adjustable shoulder strap
    • Black in color
    • Measures 38 1/5" x 6 1/2" x 1 1/2"
    Part #: QRT-156355


  20. Quartet Black Aluminum Pad Retainer for 51E and 56E Easels (QRT-51T), Quartet brand

    • Aluminum pad retainer accessory is designed for use with a Quartet® telescoping easel
    • Attaches easily to top of display easel and securely supports flipchart pads
    • Can also hold graphics or presentation boards; maximum display weight is 45 lbs.
    • Black finish coordinates with model 51E and 56E black easels
    • 1 year warranty
    Part #: QRT-51T


  21. Quartet Black Aluminum Lightweight Telescoping Easel (QRT-51E), Quartet brand

    • Display easel features 3/4" tubular, telescoping legs
    • Steel legs extend from 38" to 66"
    • Adjustable display holders support up to 25 lbs. display weight
    • Black, aluminum tripod frame includes a locking cross-brace to increase stability
    • Easel folds down for storage
    Part #: QRT-51E


  22. Quartet Black Aluminum Heavy-Duty Telescoping Easel (QRT-56E), Quartet brand

    • Display easel is height adjustable. Easily set it to stand from 38" – 66" tall, great for trade shows.
    • Holds up to 45 lbs. in display weight to support heavier signage materials
    • Two sets of sign holders allow you to display two signs at once, one on top of the other. Can also support a single very large display using just the bottom set of sign holders.
    • Integrated flipchart pad holder makes this easel useful for in-office meetings and presentations
    • Flipchart holder can be clipped to the back leg when not in use
    Part #: QRT-56E


  23. Quartet Basic Eraser for Chalkboard/Whiteboard (QRT-BFEG1), Quartet brand

    • Basic eraser for chalkboards and whiteboards keeps your writing surface clean
    • Felt pad effectively erases chalk or dry-erase ink and captures dust
    • Eraser features a Spot-Erase Friendly Form. The oblong shape is excellent for spot erasing and successfully reaches into corners.
    • Foam handle is soft and comfortable in the hand
    • 6 1/2"L x 2"W x 1 ½"H
    Part #: QRT-BFEG1


  24. Quartet Assorted 14" x 14" Magnetic Dry-Erase Frameless Board (79350), Quartet brand

    • Has a smooth dry-erase writing surface
    • Board is frameless modular
    • Perfect for light use in personal spaces
    • Mounts vertically or horizontally with included self-stick pads
    • Color assortment includes black , blue and red.
    Part #: 79350


  25. Quartet ARC Magnetic Cubicle Whiteboard (QRT-ARC), Quartet brand

    • Durable whiteboard with smooth magnetic writing surface doubles as bulletin board
    • Delivers quality performance when planning and organization are needed in personal workstations
    • Extend surface life with regular cleanings using Quartet cleaning solutions
    • Flexible mounting system secures to cubicles or dry-wall
    • Hang lightweight board with simple pins during cubicle mounts
    Part #: QRT-ARC


  26. Quartet Apollo VA-FHS-6 Boxed Slide Projector Lamp (APO-VA-FHS-6), Quartet brand

    • 300-watt halogen reflector lamp with 82-volt output
    • Provides long life for slide projectors
    • Made with 99% pure quartz glass
    • Same great product may come in GE brand packaging
    • 82 Volts
    Part #: APO-VA-FHS-6


  27. Quartet Apollo VA-EYB-6 Boxed Overhead Projector Lamp (APO-VA-EYB-6), Quartet brand

    • 360-watt halogen lamp with 82-volt output
    • Provides bright light and long life for overhead projectors
    • 2-pin projection lamp with ceramic base
    • Compatible with Apollo® 3000, 3004, AI-1004, AI-1005, Horizon (15000), Horizon 2 (16000), Ventura (4000), Toplite; 3M 4407, 4410; Buhl 9014ED, 9014EDC; Dukane 28A622A, 28A632A, 28A611; Eiki 3850, 3860, 3870, 3890
    • Same great product may come in GE brand packaging
    Part #: APO-VA-EYB-6


  28. Quartet Apollo VA-ENX-6 Boxed Overhead Projector Lamp (APO-VA-ENX-6), Quartet brand

    • 360-watt halogen reflector lamp with 82-volt output
    • Provides bright light and long life for overhead projectors
    • Made with 99% pure quartz glass
    • Compatible with all Elmo models except Xenon; Kodak Ektagraphic Series, AF1, 2, 3, B2, B2AR, E3, Carousel 6H, 650H, 650H-K, 800H, 850H-K, 860H; Telex 3150, 3170, 3270, 3280
    • Same great product may come in GE brand packaging
    Part #: APO-VA-ENX-6


  29. Quartet Apollo Quick Dry Universal Ink Jet Transparency Film 50pk (APO-VCG7033S), Quartet brand

    • Premium transparency film for ink jet printers and copiers
    • Fast-drying formula
    • Specially coated for brilliant, detailed color image reproduction
    • For use with Hewlett Packard (HP) ink jet printers
    • 50 sheets per box
    Part #: APO-VCG7033S


  30. Quartet Apollo Plain Paper Copier Transparency Film Without Stripe (APO-PP100CE), Quartet brand

    • Premium non-striped film for office copiers not requiring a sensing stripe to feed film through paper tray
    • Specially coated to create detailed black images and superior image reproduction
    • 100 sheets per box
    • Super clear film gives great brightness and true color reproduction.
    • provides clear black images
    Part #: APO-PP100CE


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