Product listing: Formax FD 87 Casino Cross-Cut Shredder (FD87) to Duplo Desktop Perfect Binder (DB-290)

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  1. Formax FD 87 Casino Cross-Cut Shredder (FD87) - $11696

    • Shreds playing cards, dice, poker chips, and gaming tokens.
    • Fully-enclosed shredding chamber with plexi window.
    • User-friendly LED Control Panel.
    • Heat-treated solid steel cutting blades.
    • All-metal cabinet on casters.
    Part #: FD87


  2. Formax Cut-True 29A 20.5" Electric Programmable Guillotine Cutter (CutTrue 29A) - $11606

    • Hardened Steel Blade: Designed for accurate cuts and long life
    • Electronically-Controlled: Paper clamp pressure and blade carrier
    • False Clamp: Minimizes marking of sensitive paper stock, easily stores within the machine when not in use
    • Touchscreen Control Panel: Easily set, adjust and program jobs
    • LED Cutting Line: Bright red LED line indicates exactly where the blade will cut, allowing for precise adjustments prior to cutting
    Part #: CutTrue 29A


  3. Challenge Titan 200BC 20" Electric Paper Cutter with Tilt Shield (CH-TITAN200BC) - $11595

    • 20" Cutting Width, 3-1/4" Clamp Opening.
    • Hydraulic Clamping & Cutting.
    • Has clear plexiglass shield that you have to flip down in order for the cutter to work
    • Adjustable Clamp Pressure.
    • Cutting Area Protection - Plexiglas Safety Shield.
    Part #: CH-TITAN200BC


  4. Therm-O-Type Automatic Foil-Tech Foil Fuser (TOT-AFT) - $11571.43

    • Maximum Sheet Size: 14.5" W x 2' L
    • Maximum Foil Roll Size: 24" W x 2000' L
    • Adjustable Speed: Yes
    • Adjustable Temperature: Yes
    • Core Size: 1"
    Part #: TOT-AFT


  5. GBC 620os-1 Automated Feeder (1880012) - $11554.16

    • Capable to handle paper stock ranging from 80lb. text to 12 pt. cover stock
    • Adjustable vaccum, air blast and separator fingers to prevent double feeding and miss feeding
    • Adjustable magnetic side guides for easy set-up and perfect feeding
    • Easy Laminator settings for length and overlaps
    • Sheet feed counter tracks input
    Part #: 1880012


  6. MBM Triumph 5255 20.375" Electric Programmable Paper Cutter (MBM-CU0490) - $12099

    • Transparent Safety Guard. A cut can only be executed if the hinged, electronically controlled safety guard is in the closed position.
    • Electronic Hand Wheel. The electronic hand wheel, with infinitely variable speed control, is used for manual back gauge positioning.
    • Easy Cut Blade Activation Bars. Patented EASY CUT blade activation bars ensure true, two-hand operation and allow blade and clamp to be activated independently.
    • Easy-To-Use Touchpad The programmable control module is equipped with a multilingual touchpad for easy operation. 99 programs with 99 steps in each can be stored in memory
    • Tool Holder. Convenient, drop-in tool holder is located on the rear of the machine and keeps all tools necessary for routine maintenance (including blade changes) within reach.
    Part #: MBM-CU0490


  7. Duplo Automatic Creaser (DC-446) - $11500

    • Up to 20 creases in a single pass.
    • Process up to 60 sheets per minute.
    • Fully automated setup.
    • 3.9" feed capacity.
    • 30 memory settings.
    Part #: DC-446


  8. Challenge Spartan 185AEP 18.5' Electronic Programmable Cutter (CH-SPARTAN185AEP) - $11495

    • Electric Power Clamping: Generates over 3000 lbs (1,360 kg) of clamping force
    • Independent Clamping Function: Allows for a "clamp only" operation
    • Electric Powered Backgauge: Controlled by the electronic console with handwheel for micro adjustments
    • 3" Lighted LCD Display: Displays backguague location with +/-0.01" (+/-0.1mm) backgauge accuracy - provides for easier operator interface, higher productivity, and easier repeatable accuracy than a hard to read indicator on a scale as is used with other brands.
    • Programmable: Operator friendly software uses soft key menu prompts for easy programming. During a program the 3" LCD displays up to 5 consecutive cuts to aid the operator in navigating a job.
    Part #: CH-SPARTAN185AEP


  9. Destroyit 4605 High-Capacity Level P-5 Micro-cut Shredder (DSH0263) - $11439

    • Fully enclosed, dust-proof gearbox housing
    • Cabinet door opens from front
    • Mobile shred bin for easy repacment of disposable shred bags
    • 61gallon bin capacity
    • Automatic stop when hopper or cabinet door is opened or when shred bag is full
    Part #: DSH0263


  10. Destroyit MBM 4605 High Capacity Cross Cut Paper Shredder - DSH0269 (MB-4605CC) - $11439

    • Fully enclosed, dust-proof gearbox housing
    • Cabinet door opens from front
    • Mobile shred bin for easy repacment of disposable shred bags.
    • 61gallon bin capacity
    • Automatic stop when hopper or cabinet door is opened or when shred bag is full
    Part #: MB-4605CC


  11. Brackett Padmaster 2000 Tabletop Automated Padding Machine (Padmaster2000) - $11435

    • Features:
    • Simple and Speedy Automatic Tabletop Padder.
    • Frees you from messy, time consuming hand padding.
    • Transforms loose sheets into instant pads (or strips of pads).
    • Handles pads-to-be from two sheets thin up to three inches thick and 17 inches long.
    Part #: Padmaster2000


  12. Ledco Econocraft 60" Laminator Roll Applicator (2160103U) - $11294.89

    • A scrap rewind with an adjustable clutch takes up the release liner found on many pressure sensitive films.
    • Roller bearings, alloy construction and high quality motors insure a long and trouble-free life for these machines.
    • The laminating roller opening is adjustable in seconds and allows operators to work with different thickness materials.
    • A variable speed motor control allows operators to apply different materials to different substrates.
    • Interchangeable rubber rollers help keep maintenance costs down.
    Part #: 2160103U


  13. Proton Solid State Media Shredder (PDS-88) - $11279

    • Able to destroy SSD Drives, Smartphones, mobile phones, mini-tablets, credit cards, CDs/DVDs & USB sticks.
    • Specially designed cutting cylinders to destroy a variety of media devices.
    • Auto-Reverse is enacted to ensure complete destruction of all inserted media.
    • Small media destruction chute and larger media destruction flap built in for safe, efficient feeding.
    • An easy to use control panel resides on the top of the unit that allows users to push a button for all operations.
    Part #: PDS-88


  14. Graphic Whizard Wizard GW 8000E Number/Perf/Score/Slit Machine (GW8000E) - $11275

    • 8,000 standard-size sheets per hour.
    • 100 job memory to store numbering jobs.
    • Up to 100 numbers per head per sheet.
    • Up to 2 heads.
    • Crash number up to 10 part carbonless.
    Part #: GW8000E


  15. Destroyit MBM 4108 Level P-2 High Capacity Strip-Cut Paper Shredder (DSH0345L) - $11779

    • Easy-Switch. Ease of operation: intelligent multifunction switch with integrated optical signals indicating the operational status.
    • Electronic Oil Injection. The automatic oil injection system lubricates the cutting shafts when shredding and guarantees a constantly high shred performance. Oil droplet icon will illuminate when more oil is needed.
    • Pull-out Bag Suspension. Pull-out mechanism on wheels for easy removal of the full shred bag at the rear of the machine.
    • Conveyor Belt. The conveyor belt system guarantees a high work speed without creating paper jams. Also crumpled paper can be fed into the shredding head without problems.
    • Illumination of the Working Area. The feeding area and the conveyor belt are illuminated by LEDs.
    Part #: DSH0345L


  16. Formax Low Volume Industrial Burster (FD 550) - $11200

    • Paper weight: 100lb total, up to 4 parts (none exceeding 60lb tag stock)
    • Speed: Variable, 0-200 feet per minute
    • Form Size: 2.375" -16"W x 2.75" -12"L (slitting) 2.375" -14.5"W x 2.75" x 12"L (non-Slitting)
    • Dimensions: 59" L x 32" W x 56.5" H with cabinet
    • Weight: 193 lbs
    Part #: FD 550


  17. Formax 6210 Series Fully Automatic Folder and Inserter (FD-6210) - $11195

    • Five Models Available: Choose the configuration that best suits your applications
    • Basic 1 (Folder/Inserter with One Sheet Feeder)
    • Advanced 1 (Folder/Inserter with One Sheet Feeders and 1 BRE)
    • Basic 2 (Folder/Inserter with Two Sheet Feeders)
    • Advanced 2 (Folder/Inserter with Two Sheet Feeders and 1 BRE)
    Part #: FD-6210


  18. Graphic Whizard Wizard CreaseMaster Pro Friction Feed Creaser (CreaseMasterProFF) - $11190

    • Impact creasing significantly reduces cracking of digitally-printed substrates during the finishing process.
    • Floor model impact creasing machine for low to mid volume users.
    • Pneumatic model (requires compressed air).
    • Inverted and regular impact creasing in the same pass!
    • Menu driven touch screen controls allow for unequalled ease of use.
    Part #: CreaseMasterProFF


  19. Supply55 Guardian 82" Heat Assist Wide Format Laminator (55-LM2100HA-01) - $10995

    • Type: Wide Format, Heat Assist
    • Speed: Variable, up to 23 ft/min (7m/min)
    • Laminate Width: 82.67 in (2100 mm)
    • Maximum Media Thickness: 0.57 in (14.48 mm)
    • Power: 120 V / 60Hz, 9A, 1300 Watts, CE Approved
    Part #: 55-LM2100HA-01


  20. Ledco HD 25 Workhorse 25" Laminator with Stand (7025500) - $10794

    • Intelligent heat controllers. These heat controllers display both the set temperature and the actual temperature. The microprocessor in the control quickly learns to anticipate the heat demand of each job and keeps the actual temperature within a few degrees of the set temperature.
    • Laminating and pull rollers. These rollers are covered with quality silicone rubber for superior release quality, higher lamination quality, and easier cleaning. The laminating rollers and pull rollers are interchangeable.
    • Removable heat shoes. These shoes are teflon coated to reduce film abrasion. They are easily unplugged and removed to clean or replace the laminating rollers.
    • Built-in retractable slitters. These slitters save an enormous amount of cutting time by trimming away side scrap during the lamination process. The two heads can be adjusted independently with great precision.
    • Dual tension knobs. The dual tension knobs (clutches) for each supply roll mandrel are easy to use and provide as little or as much tension as needed to keep work wrinkle-free.
    Part #: 7025500


  21. Rhin-O-Tuff Heavy Duty Binding Punch with Ejector and Stacker (HD7700PA) - $9920.75

    • 14" ( 356mm ) open ended extra capacity die: Punch up to 55 sheets of 11 inch, 20 lb or 80gsm bond paper.
    • U-View waste tray: Holds up to 150% more waste than any other table top punch & eliminates troublesome overfills.
    • The Accu-Set Paper Stop: Set-up all hole placements easily & accurately, even on odd sized paper.
    • Diagnostic Display Lights: Give indications of important machine conditions.
    • Built in Automatic and Manual Reverse: Providing extra insurance to eliminate costly down time & expensive service calls due to overload jams.
    Part #: HD7700PA


  22. Count Auto Pro Touch 18" Numbering Machine (CAUTOPRO1) - $10653

    • Easily program to number, perforate or score, individually or at the same time.
    • Offers a reliable bottom friction feed paper feed.
    • Includes a sheet counter (for both batch and total sheet count).
    • Includes reliable pneumatic, Gothic wheel reverse numbering heads - with 7 digits, 4 drop zeros and multiple repeats.
    • Apply numbers virtually anywhere on a sheet - from lead edge, place numbers within 1 mm of previous number.
    Part #: CAUTOPRO1


  23. Formax Hard Drive Shredder (FD 87HDS) - $10621

    • Standard Features:
    • Separate Shredding Chambers: Accommodate 3.5" desktop and 2.5" laptop hard drives
    • Hardened Solid Steel Cutting Blades: Specially ground for strength and durability
    • LED Control Panel: Provides centralized control and displays real-time status
    • Resettable LED Counters: Each shredding chamber features its own resettable counter, for added accountability
    Part #: FD 87HDS


  24. Deluxe Stitcher 5/16" Wire Stitcher With Two G8 Heads (M17G8-AST) - $9888.9956

    • Designed to staple both flat and saddle work ranging in thickness from 2 sheets to 5/16"
    • Equipped with two heads standard, but can be operated with as many as eight G8 heads installed at one time.
    • Maximum center to enter distance is 18", minimum is approximately 1-7/8".
    • The recommended wire sizes are as follows: 23 - 28 gauge round and 21x25 flat
    • Easily adjusted from saddle work to flat work by means of tilting the 6-1/2" x 33" work table. An adjustable work guide and adjustable work stops are easily attached to work table and provide for accurate registering of flat work for uniform spacing of staples.
    Part #: M17G8-AST


  25. Paitec High Volume Desktop Pressure Sealer and Folder (MX11000) - $10601.43

    • Large Infeed Friction Roller Capacity. The easy-to-load, auto-lift infeed holds up to 700 sheets for saving time throughout processing.
    • Four-Roller Sealing Unit. A second pair of sealing rollers enables enhanced sealing quality at higher speed.
    • Heavy Duty Cycle. Enhanced parts and life cycle on rollers allow MX11000 to operate up to 200,000 sheets per month.
    • Adjustable Speed. Adjustable speed allows operator to work at a comfortable speed and quiet environment.
    • Reverse (RFR) Large Infeed Friction Roller. Unique RFR system, automatically detects, singulates, and corrects doubles without any operator intervention for increased productivity.
    Part #: MX11000


  26. Count EZCreaser Digital Creasing Machine (CEZCREASER) - $10600

    • Offers a reliable top-load friction paper feed.
    • Rotary actuated impact creasing.
    • Automated Distance Recognition allows auto setups for your most common creases and corresponding folds, including perfect bind.
    • Comes standard with rotary perf wheel assembly.
    • Optional micro-perf and score wheel assemblies are available.
    Part #: CEZCREASER


  27. Formax ColorMaxLP Digital Color Label Printer (FDColorMaxLP) - $10600

    • High-speed color printing for a variety of inkjet-compatible label sizes and surfaces including gloss, semi-gloss, matte.
    • Full-color inkjet with MemjetĀ® thermal technology.
    • Speeds of up to 12 inches per second / 60fpm.
    • Up to 1600 x 1600 dpi resolution.
    • LCD control panel with LED indicators.
    Part #: FDColorMaxLP


  28. Intimus S14.95 6mm x 50mm Industrial Cross Cut Shredder (698924) - $10565

    • Depending on shredder - cutting speed is 55-60 ft./min.
    • Easy to see lights for - power on, paper jam, and bin door open
    • Two switches for power - one On/Off with locking key and one with Off and Forward or Reverse function
    • Idling sound level approximately 68 dBA
    • Bin full warning with auto stop
    Part #: 698924


  29. HSM FA400.2 Strip Cut Conveyor Belt Shredder (1513) - $10555.57

    • Easily shreds Paper, Paper Clips, Staples, and Credit Cards
    • Shreds CD/DVDs and floppy disks
    • Touch keypad for continuous and reverse operation.
    • Practical loading table for easy loading
    • Auto-stop with LED for full collecting bag
    Part #: 1513


  30. Duplo Desktop Perfect Binder (DB-290) - $10500

    • Makes a wide range of book sizes from 4.72" x 1.97" to 12.6" x 15.75".
    • Single-operator design for greater productivity.
    • Fast and easy setup and changeover.
    • Unique roughing and notching method provides maximum glue penetration.
    • Side glue provides better adhesion for professionally finished book spines.
    Part #: DB-290


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