Product listing: Formax FD 3300 Air-Suction Document Folder (FD3300) to Standard Desktop Air Feed Automatic Set Up Paper Folder (PF-P330)

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  1. Formax FD 3300 Air-Suction Document Folder (FD3300) - $9595

    • Operating Features:
    • Air-Suction Feed System: Designed to easily handle static buildup in digital prints and minimize feed marks
    • 4.3" Color Touchscreen LCD Control Panel: User friendly, with energy-saving mode
    • Automatic Paper Size Detection: Recognizes the most popular paper sizes including letter, legal, ledger, half letter and half legal
    • Side Air System: External fan to enhance feeding of heavy stock and large paper sizes
    Part #: FD3300


  2. Duplo Automatic Setting Bookletmaker with Corner and Side Staple Kit (DBM-150) - $9500

    • Connects to DSF-2200, DSC-10/20, and DFC-100
    • Isaberg Rapid stapler and staple cartridge
    • 16-job memory
    • Compact Size
    • Optional DBM-150T Trimmer
    Part #: DBM-150


  3. MBM 352S Professional Series Air Suction Paper Folder (MB-352S) - $9359

    • Air suction paper feed
    • Adjusts in seconds for standard and custom folds
    • Needle bearings for high speed production
    • Polyurethane foam rollers eliminate the need for fold roller pressure settings
    • 2 Fold plates
    Part #: MB-352S


  4. Martin Yale Mark VII Pro Series Air Feed Paper Folder (MK7000A) - $9272.85

    • Adjustable fold rollers.
    • Continuous bottom feed system.
    • Manual adjust sheet separator.
    • Manual paper guide and skew adjustments.
    • Removable cartridges for perforation and/or scoring.
    Part #: MK7000A


  5. MBM Sprint 3000 Booklet Maker (MB-3000) - $9199

    • Jogs, staples, and folds in one operation
    • Quick and easy set-up and adjustment
    • Variable speed
    • Produces booklets up to 100 pages (off-line)*
    • 2 stapling heads, 4 stapling positions
    Part #: MB-3000


  6. GFP 63" Top Heat Wide Format Roll Laminator with Slitter/Rewind Motor/Swing Out Shafts (563TH-4RS) - $9024.01

    • Maximum Productivity: 50% faster throughput
    • Fast Roll Film Changes: Front/Rear Swing-out Quick-Grip Supply Shafts
    • Easy Loading: 3" Aluminum Quick-Grip shifts
    • Drop-in Quick-Grip rewind shafts.
    • Photoelectric eye for safety.
    Part #: 563TH-4RS


  7. Formax FD 2036 AutoSeal High-Volume Tabletop Pressure Sealer (FD2036) - $8949

    • Operating Features:
    • Color Touchscreen Control Panel: Graphics-based and designed for easy, walk-up use.
    • Drop-In Feed System: A drop-in three roller feed system produces dependable feeding of forms with no paper fanning required.
    • Hopper Capacity: Up to 350 forms.
    • Fold Plates: Easy to adjust, with fine tune knobs for precision.
    Part #: FD2036


  8. Formax Cut-True 27S 19" Semi-Automatic Electric Paper Cutter (FD-CT27S) - $8650

    • Cutter accurately cuts through paper stacks up to 3.15" high, up to 18.9" wide
    • Semi-automatic with electronically-controlled two-hand operation
    • LED Laser cut line for pinpoint accuracy
    • High-quality hardened steel blade
    • Spindle-guided back gauge with LED display
    Part #: FD-CT27S


  9. Packaging Products Automatic Roll Bag Sealer (T-275) - $8550

    • Solid, constant heat seal bar with temperature adjusted through and easy to use temperature controller.
    • Patented Teflon Shield increases Teflon life tenfold. Because the Teflon only contacts the heater bar while sealing, the Teflon remains clean with less opportunity to burn.
    • "Guard Switch" Operation - Cycles the machine at the loading area to minimize operator movements, decrease operator fatigue and increase output.
    • Patented anti-jamming method detects seal obstructions and reverses seal bar.
    • Universal adjustable funnel included.
    Part #: T-275


  10. Afinia Label L801 Plus Digital Color High Speed Label Printer for Water-Resistant Labels (L801-Plus) - $8495

    • Watershield-printed labels are significantly more resistant to the effects of prolonged moisture exposure than conventional dye-based inkjet labels.
    • Perfect for applications such as chilled beverages, foods, chemical or pharmaceutical products.
    • This new technology also produces deeper blacks, uses more responsibly-sourced inks, and helps to prolong the life of the printhead.
    • Print speed of up to 60 feet/minute.
    • Industry-leading ink cost per label.
    Part #: L801-Plus


  11. Graphic Whizard Numbering, Perforating, Scoring and Slitting Machine (GW-3000) - $8455

    • 3,000 sheets per hour.
    • 1 number per head per sheet.
    • 1 or 2 numbering heads.
    • Tabletop model with automatic feed.
    • Crash numbering up to 10 part carbonless.
    Part #: GW-3000


  12. Duplo Air Suction Paper Folder with Double Feed Detection (DF-1200) - $8300

    • Air suction feed system ideal for digital print documents
    • Miss-feed, paper jam, and optical double feed detections ensure document integrity
    • Standard cross folding unit for right angle folds
    • Six pre-programmed fold styles
    • High speed folding up to 260 sheets per minute
    Part #: DF-1200


  13. Count NumberPro Touch 18" Numbering Machine (CNUMPRO18) - $8238.01

    • Easily program to number, perforate or score, individually or at the same time.
    • Offers a reliable top-load friction paper feed.
    • Includes a sheet counter (for both batch and total sheet count).
    • Includes reliable electric, Gothic wheel reverse numbering heads - with 7 digits, 4 drop zeros and multiple repeats.
    • Apply numbers virtually anywhere on a sheet - from lead edge, place numbers within 1 mm of previous number.
    Part #: CNUMPRO18


  14. GBC Catena 105 40" Roll Laminator (1715850) - $8197.55

    • LCD Display indicates temperature, speed and Ready/Wait condition
    • Silicone rubber rollers ensure timely clean-up
    • Interlocking feed tray and magnetic safety shield for safe operation
    • Designed for thermal or pressure sensitive film up to 10 mil
    • Roller gap adjustment handles mounting boards up to 3/16" (5 mm) thick
    Part #: 1715850


  15. Paitec Tabletop Pressure Sealer (ES8500) - $8194.75

    • Easy & Friendly User Interface. Includes an easy-to-use LCD display with electronic thickness detection, batch counter, and speed control.
    • Easy to Clean and Maintain. Easy access to all fold and seal rollers for cleaning ink and toner buildup.
    • Optional Conveyor or Vertical Stacker. Optional Auto-Extending Conveyor or Vertical Stacker can hold up to 350 processed forms.
    • Reverse (RFR) Friction Roller. Unique RFR system, automatically detects, singulates, and corrects doubles without any operator intervention for increased productivity.
    • Large Infeed Capacity. The easy-to-load, auto-lift infeed table holds up to 700 pressure seal forms to minimize reloadings.
    Part #: ES8500


  16. MBM Triumph 4815 18.625" Electric Paper Cutter With Digital Display (MBM-CU0418) - $8149

    • Transparent Safety Guard : A cut can only be executed if the hinged, electronically controlled safety guard is in the closed position.
    • Back Gauge Hand Crank : The calibrated hand crank is used to set the spindle-guided back gauge. The LED display ensures precise positioning.
    • Easy Cut Blade Activation Bars : Patented EASY CUT blade activation bars ensure true, two-hand operation.
    • Optical Cutting Line : A bright, LED optical cutting line indicates the exact position of cut and helps to perfectly position trim marks.
    • Tool Holder : Convenient, drop-in tool holder is located on the rear of the machine and keeps all tools necessary for routine maintenance (including blade changes) within reach.
    Part #: MBM-CU0418


  17. SealerSales Low Profile Mid-Range Pallet Stretch Wrapper (SPW-982LP) - $8136.65

    • Can be loaded by forklift or pallet. Includes an extra long ramp for use with electric pallet jacks.
    • Mechanical break stretch @ 150%.
    • 4,000lb load capacity.
    • Photo eye seeks pallet load height.
    • Turntable will automatically return to home position.
    Part #: SPW-982LP


  18. SealerSales Bag Drop Sealer w/ Bag Opener (SS-615/1620) - $8126

    • Seals up to 10mil total thickness.
    • Separate controls for seal temperature and seal time.
    • Hand wheel adjustment instantly adjusts seal bag location.
    • Adjustable table depth to accommodate different size items.
    • Features a pneumatic seal bar with air eject to quickly seal and remove excess trim scrap.
    Part #: SS-615/1620


  19. Afinia Label L801 Digital Color High Speed Label Printer with Memjet Print Head (AFN23139) - $7995

    • Print speed of up to 60 feet/minute.
    • Industry-leading ink cost per label.
    • Variable data capability.
    • Compatible with a wide range of label stock.
    • Exceptionally crisp images and text.
    Part #: AFN23139


  20. Powis Parker PhotoPress System (PPPhotopress) - $7995

    • Dimensions: 19.6" D x 22" W x 23" H (49.8cm D x 56cm W x 58.4cm H)
    • Weight: 190 lbs (86 kg)
    • Photograph/Page Sizes: Max. 12" H x 13" W (300mm x 330mm), Min. 4" H x 6" W (100mm x 152mm)
    • Book Thickness: 0.5" Max. (approx. 37 photos)
    • Binding Time: 60 seconds
    Part #: PPPhotopress


  21. Standard Horizon Table-Top Perfect Binder (BQ-P60) - $7950

    • Easy operation: The display Indicator lamps on the operating panel guide you through the simple operating steps
    • High productivity: 180 books/hour
    • Professional binding quality: A cover is glued to the book spine and then clamped to create an attractive finished appearance
    • Flexible binding styles: Choose from three different binding styles -- Binding with cover, Binding with tape, or Pad binding
    • Comfortable operation: An integrated smoke extractor and filter system is a standard feature to clean the air and remove any glue odors from office environments
    Part #: BQ-P60


  22. Truline Preferred Pack Fully Adjustable Combination L' Sealer with Attached Shrink Tunnel (PP-1622MK) - $7936.76

    • L' Sealer Features
    • "Micro-Knife" Band Ribbon.
    • Power Belted Discharge Conveyor.
    • Dual Manet Clamping.
    • Pin Perf. Hole Punch.
    Part #: PP-1622MK


  23. Duplo Trimmer for DBM-150 Bookletmaker (DBM-150T) - $7800

    • Booklet Size: 4.14" x 4.27" - 9.06" x 12.6" (105.2 x 108.5 mm - 231 x 320 mm)
    • Trimmed Booklet Size: 3.35" x 4.27" - 8.27" x 12.6" (85.1 x 108.5 mm - 210 x 320 mm)
    • Trimming Margin: 0.04" - 0.79" (1 - 20 mm)2
    • Power Requirements: Supplied by DBM-150
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 56" x 22" x 28"
    Part #: DBM-150T


  24. YUL Programmable 17" Electric Paper Cutter with Wifi/3G Option (EPC017) - $7750

    • Performance:
    • Fully programmable up to 1000 steps
    • English, French and Spanish user interface
    • Micro Glide Backgauge eliminates bottom sheet from slipping under
    • Backgauge extremities spaced for small formats
    Part #: EPC017


  25. Fujipla ALM 3230 Desktop Automatic Feed Laminator with Integrated Trimmer (R4DLALM3230) - $7699

    • Small Foot Print - less than 4 sq. ft.
    • Table Top or optional stand with locking roller casters.
    • 115 Volt, 15 amp service with economy mode.
    • Ultra quick warm up of less than 5 minutes.
    • Virtually Unattended Operation.
    Part #: R4DLALM3230


  26. Graphtec 64" Roll-Fed Vinyl Cutter and Plotter with Stand and Basket (FC9000-160) - $7533.33

    • Applications:
    • Stickers / Decals
    • Window Signage
    • Highway Signage
    • Heat Transfer Apparel
    Part #: FC9000-160


  27. Renz DTP 340A Semi-Automatic Desktop Punch (RDTP340AWODIE) - $7489

    • Punching dies for all types of ring wire, plastic comb, coil and calendars.
    • Punch a wide range of mixed stocks
    • Fast die changes
    • Fastest machine in its class with automatic paper ejection. Up to 3 times faster than a standard bench top machine
    • QSA (Quick Size Adjustment) for high flexibility of different paper formats(1)
    Part #: RDTP340AWODIE


  28. Challenge EH-3 Hydraulic Three Spindle Paper Drill (CH-EH3) - $7395.01

    • Features:
    • Powerful hydraulic operation
    • 2-1/2"/ 6.4 cm drilling depth
    • Fast and easy drill head adjustments
    • Adjustable backgauge
    Part #: CH-EH3


  29. PostMark 3068 High Speed Automatic Letter Opener (P-3068) - $7367.09

    • High Speed. Opens up to 40,000 envelopes per hour. Opens mixed mail -from the smallest to the largest - completely. Opens up to 1/3" (8 mm) thick envelopes. Entire system built to handle large flats and envelopes.
    • Heavy Duty. Solid metal construction throughout. Made of steel using the highest quality components. Has 2 motors for better performance and longer life.
    • Simple and reliable. High degree of operational reliability.
    • Easy to Operate
    • Options/Accessories. Counter and inkjet printer with dater, timer, numbering, bitmaps, and addressing capabilities (with complete software).
    Part #: P-3068


  30. Standard Desktop Air Feed Automatic Set Up Paper Folder (PF-P330) - $7350

    • Simple Operation: The operator can quickly select from four standard preset sheet sizes and six popular fold patterns all with push button simplicity. Operational information and settings are clearly displayed on the control panel's LCD screen. The intuitive design of the control panel makes any operator comfortable and quickly productive.
    • Revolutionary Paper Feed System: At the heart of the PF-P330 is a patented rotary vacuum-pulse feed system that delivers extraordinary paper feed reliability. Importantly, it simplifies operation by virtually eliminating the need to make paper feed adjustments with most stocks. This advancement utilizes a space saving and surprisingly quiet vacuum/blower pump. The pump's small 8" x 8" footprint creates flexibility by allowing for desktop positioning alongside the folder or on a cabinet shelf under the PF-P330. The low sound level of the PF-P330's pump is notable in comparison to the significantly higher sound levels traditionally associated with suction feed folders. In fact, the PF-P330 pump is as quiet as a mid-volume office copier.
    • Preset Fold Formats: Letter Fold, Half Fold, Double Parallel Fold, Engineering Fold, Z-Fold, Gate Fold
    • Programmable Memory Function: There are ten programmable memory settings for custom folds. The preset counter can be set to stop at a specific batch quantity with the 10-digit keypad.
    • Simple Maintenance: The PF-P330 is designed for easy operator maintenance. Removal of the fold rollers requires no tools, making cleaning or replacement a simple task.
    Part #: PF-P330


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